What's Up with Mondays?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Well when I started this post a few hours ago, I was really hating Mondays. But after meeting with my bible study group tonight, I'm feeling a little better.

You see, I think our group became a little too laid back. We were all lacking commitment. We really weren't all in. I didn't even want to go tonight. I was dreading it.

I figure if there is something you're dreading, that's not the best place to spend your time. I dunno, maybe it's just me.

So I brought it up tonight. It's weird. Things are off. It's not the same.

We all agreed. And we came up with a better and revised plan on how, when, where, we're meeting. We basically re-evaluated and re-wrote the rules. We agreed upon what we wanted it to be and made a commitment to make it that.

And now I can't help but look at the rest of my life and activities and wonder if I need some re-evaluation in other areas. I don't just want to do things because it's what I've always done.

With the new year comes new possibilities. A new chance to be good at something.

I probably take myself a little too seriously on most days. I probably take my schedule a little too seriously on most days too. And today when it all came crashing down and I suddenly felt overwhelmed, I knew I needed to take a step back.

I'm slowly learning to take it moment by moment. I am not good at this yet, not even slightly, but it's something to work towards.

And I'm realizing that if I want to seek simplicity this year, then everything has to be questioned. Everything has to be put on the table and evaluated.

I have to ask myself:
Does this achieve what I'm seeking to achieve?
Is this the most effective way to reach the goal in mind?
Is this the best way to spend the time I've been given?

It all has to be evaluated....in my business, in my personal life, with my family.....everything.

If I want simplicity, I have to change the way I think. I would much rather have a few things in my life that I love then a million things that I just sort of like. I think that goes for activities, events, TV, possessions, free time.....all of it.

I'm wondering if you feel the same way? Do you need to re-evaluate? Is it just me? I think we may all have a little room for improvement in this area. What needs to change? What is working? Are you willing to ask yourself those questions and make a change?

I know I am.

2012 is a brand new year. Why not try things a brand new way?

Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind. ~Ecclesiastes 4:6  

.....day 157 of a year of writing.....

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  1. I have to do this sometimes as well. It's almost like a personal state of the union address. We are constantly growing and evolving so our day to day life needs to as well. I am right there with you! Re-evaluation has overwhelmed me in the past but once I get past the change and see the good, I feel the relief. Best of luck!


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