Just Sit Here With Me (An Update and a Story)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Well, things are finally starting to settle in around here.

Addison is in school five days a week. She loves it. I hate it. She even asked me if she could stay at school for after school care? Really? Apparently she no longer needs me at all. tear

Luke is in Mother's Day Out three days a week, and he absolutely loves it, too. On Sunday when we were headed to church, he asked where we were going, and I told him we were going to church. He said, "I no wanna go to church. I wanna go to school....Thomas school." (His teacher's name is Thomas.) He loves it. He adores playing with his friends and is so proud of all the projects he comes home with.

The good thing about my babies having friends and loving school is that I get to actually get some work done, and I don't have to work when they're here (which makes me sooooo happy!). And I think they're happier, too. There seems to be a bit of balance finally sneaking into our lives.

Moving on and being random tonight......

I thought you should know that even though I had every intention of continuing on our fast while in Mexico, it only took about five minutes at the all-inclusive resort to change my mind. So, I took off for the week. I don't know who I was kidding, but I'm just not that strong. Thanks to those of you who were praying for us.

Since we've been home, we've started back up, and I can say that I'm feeling really, really good. The cool thing about Daniel's Fast is that it takes away all the comfort we find in food and helps us find that comfort in the Lord instead. I have really struggled with letting go of coffee this year. The caffeine headaches are over, but I still crave holding that warm cup in my hand. But somehow I continue to stay away day after day. The main reason is because I'm seeking the Lord on some things that I want His clear vision and clarity on. I want His direction and nothing else, and I just don't want to attempt to find comfort in anything other than Him during these couple weeks.

Moving on again....sorry for the lack of segways here.....

I realized that I never updated you about Brian after we were in the ER. He is doing really well. He felt great in Mexico and was able to eat and drink like normal without ever feeling bad again.

He did go see a GI doctor today. I'll do my best to explain what the diagnosis was.....

Basically,  the doctor said that all the complications started because of the liquid fast he was on. He said that anytime someone does a liquid diet for an extended period of time, your mind is tricked into thinking it's getting food (because you're getting plenty of calories), so your stomach produces acid to break down that food, but there isn't anything to break down. So basically, he had an abundance of stomach acid that had no purpose because there was no food to digest. The pain suddenly started one day when he was drinking a can of soup (high salt content). The doctor said that was basically like pouring salt on an open wound. So, all in all, the doctor wants him to eat a well balanced diet for the next few weeks, finish his Prilosec prescription, and then he thinks he'll be good as new. Yeah!

More moving on....

My sister, my dad, and I have signed up to run the OKC Memorial half marathon in April. I'm excited, but not even close to ready! I was supposed to start training this week, and it hasn't happened yet. I'm excited to get back on the road though. It's one of the only times my mind is really, really clear.

What else?

Oh! I'm ridiculously excited about the direction Scentsy is headed this year. Tomorrow they are going to make a company wide announcement of what the first of many new brands will be. We are launching a new brand in May (it will be a totally separate company) that I cannot wait to tell you about and I can't wait for you to try! You'll hear all about it tomorrow, I'm sure!

I guess with all that going on I have to tell you a sweet story........

I was driving in my car yesterday. Alone. Which hardly ever happens.

And I found myself suddenly with nothing to do or think about. I reached for my phone to call someone. No one in particular. Just whoever popped in my head. I didn't really have anything to say. I guess I just wanted to talk. And maybe it has to do with the fact that if my phone isn't attached to my hand, I don't know what to do with myself. (That's another story for another day.)

Anyway, I reach to pick it up, and I was suddenly overcome with the presence of God. I felt like He was sitting in the front seat with me. (He always is, really, we just sometimes acknowledge him and more often than not, we don't.) But suddenly I just felt Him.

And it wasn't weird or overwhelming. It was just peaceful.

And as I continued to reach for my phone, out of habit I guess, I heard Him say,  Just sit here with Me. 

And I did. I didn't really have anything to say at that moment. No huge cry for help or relief or His power.

I just sat there.

Living in His presence. Knowing He was with me and being intently aware of it.

And unfortunately, me being aware of His presence like that on a daily basis doesn't always happen. Not like that. Not in a moment of peace or contentment. But there He was. And all He wanted was for me to sit with Him.

I'm wondering if He wants you to do the same. I know He says it to all of us all the time....Just sit here with Me. But I'd like to bet that most of the time we're too busy and overwhelmed to hear Him.

Hoping you hear His call tonight to just simply be with Him. Don't miss it. It's too good to ignore.

Just sit here with Me. 

......day 159 of a year of writing.....

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