Grocery Shopping

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I love it when the nights get warm and the Oklahoma breeze wraps you up instead of knocking you down.

I was home today (all day) with two kiddos running temperatures. :(
Both of their spirits were good. But, I did get a little stir crazy. Brian was gone all day and even had to be gone for dinner.

When he got home around 8:00 p.m., I was more than ready to head out the door into that sweet, warm Oklahoma air.

Destination? Target.

Now, don't judge me. Here's the thing...I know that Target can be a deadly place for a woman. It can be. Lots of temptations there.

But you know what I love to do at Target the most?


Yep. I just like roaming.

Grocery shopping is like therapy to me. I go with the intention to take my sweet time and enjoy the peace and quiet.

I always go with headphones on. And depending on the mood I'm in, I either listen to music or a podcast of one of the pastors I follow.

Today it was James MacDonald and Andy Stanley. Both awesome pastors with a great Word from God.

And really, there isn't much more to report today than this: Target (or any other more economical grocery store) can be your own personal dose of therapy.
The rules?
     -don't take your kids
    -quiet your mind

Yes, I believe the Lord can speak to you in the grocery store. I went to the grocery store once just to seek Him. And boy did He show up that night!

So, I'm curious. Where is your favorite store to grocery shop? And what do you do while you're grocery shopping? 256 of a year of writing.....


  1. I shop Kroger (same company as Dillon's), but ours is 24 hours. So many times, I get the kiddos to bed, print my lists and menus, grab my ipod, and head to Kroger BEFORE the Starbucks closes! I grab a Starbucks decaf, my lists, and I wander the aisles, checking labels. Our Kroger dims the lights and plays quiet music...and there is no one there past 9:30pm. And it's great b/c I don't make anyone mad behind me when i have coupons! I ALWAYS have someone walk me out, though and help me load my groceries, but they know me now, so I don't usually have to ask! Typically, Sunday nights are ME time, in the grocery store. Peaceful start/end to the week! :)

  2. My husband loves James MacDonald. He's affectionatly known as just "James" around here. :) I love the idea of wearing headphones to the grocery store. Sounds like pure bliss.


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