A Short Break

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It was awesome. Being away from life for even just a moment was nice. Honestly, I'm not crazy about the weekends. I love that my kids are home from school, but I don't love that all four kids are home. It usually makes for an exhausting day.

So, to be away this morning and afternoon was nice. I woke up this morning to Addison asking me if it was morning because she wasn't tired anymore. I ended up snuggling Addy all night while the boys had their own snugglefest in the other bedroom of our hotel.

Addy and I ended up heading down to breakfast before the boys even woke up. It was glorious to not have food thrown at me and to not have to clean up the kitchen! What a dreamy morning. The boys joined us before too long, and we had a great breakfast as a family.

After breakfast the kids and daddy put on their swimsuits and headed to the hot tub. Anytime there is swimming involved, my kids are happy. It was a wonderfully relaxing morning.

After we packed up and got ready to head home, we made a pit stop at Bass Pro Shop (which my kids call the fish place) where after a walk around the store, we all picked out candy to have after lunch.

We stopped for lunch at a hibachi grill where we oooooed and awwwed over fire-filled onion volcanos and flying kitchen utensils.

And when we got home, I was slightly spoiled. The laundry had been started and at least one load was folded. My house smelled delicious thanks to new Scentsy wax in all the warmers, and the couch was calling my name. We all spent the majority of the rest of the day on the couches watching tornado coverage. We watched tornado after tornado drop down out of a wall cloud over a period of hours. Thankfully they were all very far north of us.

And now, real life is peeking around the corner again. Tomorrow I have to be up extra early to get everyone dressed and ready for church. I've got to squeeze in some time to head to the grocery store, and we have our first speaker practice tomorrow afternoon for our upcoming Scentsy training at the end of the month. (Sigh)

Oh well. My short little break was beautiful, and I am so incredibly grateful for it.

They are still saying that tonight may be an eventful weather night around here, so if you think of us Oklahomans, say a little prayer. We'll appreciate it.

.....day 246 of a year of writing.....

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