Busy Bees

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things around here are simply busy.

Do you get tired of hearing about that? I'm sure you do. I'm sure you have your own bit of chaos at your house.

Our coffee table is littered with papers....contracts, committee meeting notes, orders to be placed, notebooks, plans, budgets.....the list could go on.

Our kids have been staying up too late this week. It's mostly for extra snuggles and attention, but it hit its peak tonight. They were cranky and irritable, and I'm very glad that Brian volunteered and insisted on putting them to bed tonight.

I'm, of course, still tired. It's really the only symptom of this pregnancy for the most part (besides the hormones), so I'm really not complaining, but I'm pretty much completely exhausted by 8:00 each evening. Just simply done. I'm definitely ready to have some more energy back.

But, this is life right now. The days are usually good, but it gets hard at night when everyone gets tired (including me).

We're making it all work.

We're also making an offer on a house tonight. That's exciting. It's always an adventure around here. That's the way we like it, I guess.

We're catching up on American Idol, so I should let you get back to something more entertaining than my ramblings : )

Hoping you're having a crazy, busy, beautiful kind of evening.

.....day 244 of a year of writing....

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