He Makes All Things New

Friday, April 20, 2012

I feel a little stuck. Like all things are in the middle of changing and I'm standing still.
I was listening to a sermon from a podcast today while driving and I heard these words: "Our God is not a pampering God. He is a perfecting God." In other words, He is not always concerned with making us comfortable. He is concerned with refining His children. He is constantly striving to make us more like His Son. That's it. Ya know? Why did I ever think bringing two babies into our home would be easy? It's not. And for a while I felt like supermom. I was doing it and doing it well, but lately I feel like the control I thought I had slips farther and farther away each day. I know one thing is for sure. He has me seeking Him, pursuing Him, chasing after Him. I don't really expect to catch up to Him and have Him turn around and explain it all to me. That probably won't happen. I just want Him to keep going, keep leading, and keep changing me. What about you? I don't know most of your personal circumstances, but I can imagine that many of you are going through challenges in your lives. Are you pursuing the Lord in search of His guidance and help? In search of His peace? I'm encouraging you and reminding myself that He makes all things new. He can renew your strength. He can renew your spirit. He can renew your mind. He can {and will} make all things new. I'm crazy about you. Thanks for letting be me always.                                                                                         
.....day 252 of a year of writing..... 


  1. Oh sweet girl I felt bad after my comment last time,about letting it go. I knew you could do it and I imagine it's hard. I'm an L and D nurse I was just concerned about you. You are doing great;) I too have had issues so many different things but I finally lifted it up to him and let him take control believe me it's soooo hard! My minister said this last Sunday sermon about worry and anxiety... "Nothing that is of eternal importance is at risk ever." we have to remember this!!!! All other things really are not important and we shall not dwell on them!

  2. Oh Allie, this is such a great reminder for me. I'm struggling with a failing marriage and without anyone to talk to, I find myself reading your posts for guidance and company. I so often ask Him for what I want that I fail to really seek him. Thanks for your words.


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