Why the Devil Hates Easter

Sunday, April 8, 2012

I think the devil is scared of Easter.

Yes, I fully realize that Easter is a holiday that was formed after pagan rituals. I know. I've done the research, read the articles, etc, etc, etc.

We still hide eggs. We still cook a ham. We still have a celebration.


We also spend a week re-reading the story of Jesus' death and resurrection. We spend time in prayer as a family and as individuals praising the Lord for His perfect Son.


I don't have a problem with Easter no matter what its origins are. But I bet the devil does.


The day we call Easter or Resurrection Sunday puts more people in church than any other day of the year. I personally don't care why they show up. All I care about is that they show up.

At my church alone, over 4,800 people sat in seats and heard the perfect and beautiful message of the Gospel....of a Savior who came to save sinners. When you add all the campuses of LifeChurch.tv to that number, Craig may have very well preached to over 70,000 people at church campuses across the nation, not to mention all the people who joined worship online.


On a normal week, we have about 2,900 people walk into the doors of our church. Twenty to twenty-five of those people are saved in a normal week.


I don't know how many people raised their hand to accept Jesus as their Savior today and prayed the sinner's prayer. I know it's more than it normally is. And that's all that matters in my eyes.

What do you think the number is worldwide ? How many lost souls are saved on Easter Sunday just because it's Easter. It's Easter. You go to church. That's just what you do. I don't know what that number is. All I know is that more people accept Jesus as their personal Savior on Easter Sunday than on any other day of the year.


If I were the devil, I would hate Easter.

The army of the Lord only increases on Easter Sunday. Why would he like Easter? Oh course the devil hates it.


And for that reason, I praise Him for this glorious day.

Nothing matters more than the morning He rose from the tomb. His life anew is what allows each of us to be born again....to be made new....to not have to worry about our imperfections. Through His stripes, we are healed.

Praying that you heard a beautiful truth this weekend about a Man who died for you and me over 2,000 years ago and three days later, rose from the grave to sit at the right hand of God.

He came for us. Don't miss it. Don't miss the freedom you have in Him and through Him. It is a beautiful, beautiful gift. The most perfect gift you could ever receive.

Yes, I'm sure of it. The devil hates Easter, and just so he'll hate it a little more, when you get a chance this week, check out one of our hundreds of online services to hear answers to questions like:

Why doesn't God seem fair?  Why do bad things happen to good people? And other questions.

It may just be the message you've been waiting to hear.

http://www.lifechurch.tv/ Look for the LIVE NOW notice in the upper right hand corner.

.....day 240 of a year of writing.....

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