Friday, April 13, 2012

We're not on a beach or in the mountains (two of my favorite places). But we are away.

Tonight my sweet family of four(and 1/2) is snuggled up in a local hotel. We barely made it to our small little getaway thanks to a few tornados, but the Lord was looking out for us, and everything worked out perfectly.

We've got a great three room suite that we walked home to after taking the kids to a Thunder game. Addy got her face painted and is now sporting a pink Kevin Durant jersey. All Luke wanted were those blow up clappers and when one got a hole it in, that was pretty much the end of the night.
We made a pit stop at Sonic on our walk back to the hotel. We went in to order drinks and came out with chicken strips and a Chicago dog, too.

Now we're snuggled in bed watching cartoons and looking forward to the morning when we plan on eating a yummy breakfast and then heading to the indoor pool.

A much needed night away. Thank you a million times over to our dear, dear friends who not only offered, but insisted that we take a little family getaway. We love you! And thank you for taking care of the babies. What would we do without you? 245 of a year of writing.....

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