Week 10

Monday, April 16, 2012

Well, I'm officially ten weeks pregnant today. I like that.

I'm still exhausted. It's really hard to get anything done when I'm as tired as I am. Plus, it's really hard to write anything worth reading. For your sake and mine, I'm hoping this exhaustion clears up in the next couple of weeks. I could use some energy.

I did buy some maternity pants today. Isn't that crazy? Ten weeks and I needed new pants. I have friends that are around twenty weeks pregnant and our bellies look the same size. This baby #3 is a whole new ball game. I really should take a picture of that bump for you to see.

The farther along I get, the less worried I am. Which is good. It becomes more real everyday.

Things are simply changing around here. We just bought a new house! Well, it's not new, but it's new to us. Can you believe that? I'm excited. We have renovations to do....quite a few actually. We close in a month and plan on renovating over the summer months and then moving in before school starts in the fall.

I'm sure we'll be out at the house over the summer since it is literally on the lake. I am a huge, huge lake rat. We just sold our boat last week so we could buy a different boat and a couple sea doos. My big belly will definitely be sunning on that dock this summer. Yes, there is a dock. A huge one.

That's a fun little announcement, isn't it? I can't wait to show you pictures. It's going to be fun to renovate, and I'm sure you'll see all of it.

So back to pregnancy. I'm tired of being tired (for the 100th time) and I'm tired of eating out and eating unhealthy. Uhhhh, I'm sick of it! Since I found out I was pregnant, meat has been grossing me out. Really just raw meat. And I am usually the one who plans all the meals and cooks them. Brian is a much better cook than I am, but I am generally the one who does the daily cooking. So, Brian agreed to be in charge of meal planning and cooking for a few weeks, but it hasn't exactly worked out. He has good intentions, but it just hasn't really worked out. I have done way too many drive-thrus lately.

I do think that the thought of cooking is less repulsing than it was, so I am hoping to jump back into my meal preparations this week. It will be a good thing.

That's about how it's rolling around here for now. Ten weeks down....by the way, I think it's a girl. I'm calling it now. My only indication is that I am extremely hormonal and emotional, and that is exactly how I was with Addison. Oh, and the Chinese calendar also said it was a girl, and that thing is oddly accurate. I guess time will tell. I would love to not find out since we have one of each, but I am way too much of a planner. I want to know and I'm awful at secrets.

What do you think? Would you find out? Could you handle the suspense?

.....day 248 of a year of writing.....


  1. Yes, find out!!! I would want to know too, I don't like secrets either. :)

  2. I have one of each as well and I keep saying that next time I want to wait and hear the Dr. say "It's a ..." however the hubby says no way we need to know!! It would be fun but there are other fun ways to find out what you are having! Have a gender reveal party!! Have the ultrasound tech put the gender in an envelope and bring it to a bakery to bake a cake with pink or blue inside and then you and your friends and family can all find out at the same time!! How exciting would that be! a friend did one and i still cry when i watch that video! Best wishes and congratulations on the new house!

  3. WAIT!! We have 4 children and we did not find out the sex of the first three babies and then did for the last...wish I had NOT!! It is the BEST surprise in the world! SO worth the wait! :)Nothing beats pushing and wanting to find out what you have been carring for 10 months! To hear, "It's a......!" is better than any Christmas! :)


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