Super Fun Easter Craft

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Last year I searched for a fun craft idea that I could do year after year with my kids around Easter.

And I ended up coming up with this one all on my own! Check out last year's post about how we got started by clicking here.

So today we pulled out the eggs Addy painted last year, and she was very unimpressed with her work last year, and she was really excited to paint a few eggs this year.

These are the three eggs she painted last year. I think she did the glittery one at school. She really just painted a little bit over the part I painted.

We got out those same pastels and I let her pick out the eggs she wanted to paint this year. She choose four. Interestingly enough she only painted over the base coat of the eggs she choose today. she said she is going to paint her art work on the eggs tomorrow.

We used inexpensive paper mache eggs found at a local craft store and acrylic paint in pastel colors for this project.

I added her initials and the year to the eggs she painted last year and will do the same for the ones she paints this year once she's finished.

Here's what they look like in the basket. I'm excited to see what sort of "art" she adds to her eggs this year. I'll have to give you an update when she's finished.

All in all, I love this project. It's super simple and easy. (You really can't screw it up.) And even if you don't have kids (or maybe your kids aren't interested in painting) you could paint the same eggs in solid colors for an inexpensive and really cute Easter decorating idea.

Happy crafting! 233 of a year of writing.....

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  1. What a cute idea! Thanks for linking up with Strut Your Stuff Saturday. We're hoping you will join us again next week with more great ideas! - The Sisters


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