Fun, Easy, Kid-Friendly Easter Craft (Part 1)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I have the best Easter craft idea!

My friend Rachel has a neighbor who has the cutest wire basket on her porch filled with big, pastel Easter eggs. Every time I drive by that house, I can't help but think of how stinkin' cute those eggs are! That is where my inspiration for this fun Easter craft came from.

Addy is soooo into arts and anything crafty. She loves it all. So I decided that we would come up with our own Easter craft.

Luke and I went to Hobby Lobby today to scope out all the paper mache and wooden eggs they had, and we bought them all (so don't go to the Hobby Lobby on Danforth for eggs. They're out!).

We found eggs of varying sizes and pastel paints to go with them. I bought a cheap bag full of paint brushes and out we went. (Such a lie! Of course we bought other stuff) It's a weakness. I know!

So here is what we started with:

 I decided to take the 1st step on my own. I painted each egg a solid color. I will say, the wooden eggs are more expensive than the paper mache eggs, but they take paint a lot better.

I found 5 great Easterish colors....robin blue, light pink, lavender, pale yellow, and a soft green.

 The paper mache eggs had to have a 2nd coat of paint. The wooden ones, turned out great on the 1st coat. I gave them all a great solid color start to their lives as Easter eggs.

So here is the rest of the plan...

Tomorrow, I am going to let each of my kiddos paint a couple eggs. (I plan on leaving quite a few of them solid). Of course, I am supplying/choosing the colors. Then I'm going to endorse their names and the year on the bottom, and keep them forever!

My plan is to do this every year around Easter. Each year they'll be able to look at the eggs they did in years past. We'll have baskets full of eggs every Easter! I can't wait! I will post more pics tomorrow with them in action and of the final products.

It's an easy, fun, inexpensive tradition that you can start at your house this Easter. And it's a great way to spend intentional time with your kids. Happy egg painting!

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  1. How Cute is that when mine were little , Me and my cousins wife Latresa went and bought plain baskets and we first glued stuffing for pillows on them Hot Glue and then we let the kids choose material and glued that on as well. my girls still remeber those cool basket we had so much fun with cousins making my daughters are grown and love to meet at my house with the infamous white sheet with easter dye on it to color eggs together.. Such fun memories your building with your children, now Im enjoying thr grandkids :)


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