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Friday, April 29, 2011

So today was just a normal day. But here are a few highlights...Hope yours was equally as interesting.

To start the day off, I had to catch up on the Royal Wedding happenings. Yes! Even I was sucked in! I had to see...I couldn't stay away. And Kate looked beautiful, of course. What a fun British day!

Then on my last pre-race run, I found this little guy attempting to cross the road. He was headed straight into traffic, so I picked him up and faced him the other way.

He wasn't having it. He wanted across the street. So I picked him up again, and ran him across the street. He seemed happy after that. Glad I could do my good deed for the day. Isn't he cute?!

Then it was on to Addy's school to pick her up for the day. When I arrived, they were all in the backyard, sitting in circles, letting their baby ducks get some exercise! They have baby ducks that were hatched at the school. They have raised them and taken care of them since they were still inside their eggs!

And today they got to go for their first swim. Not something you get to see on an average day! They were scared at first, but knew exactly what they were doing. So cool!

Then I told Addy that we could go anywhere she wanted for lunch....what did she pick?! Sonic. And she wanted to bring it back to school and eat in the cafeteria with the kids. Here she is with Audra at lunch today.

Then we headed to see one of my best friends officially adopt their baby girl. Addy and I had a lot of conversations about adoption. It was a fun and tearful experience. I'm tearing up just writing about it. What a beautiful day it was for that sweet family. (of course I don't have pics...sorry!)

Next we headed downtown to the Health and Wellness expo to pick up my race packet and bib! Yeah! So excited! Since we were so close.....and Addy and I both love it, we had to make a quick stop at the Festival of the Arts so she could get her face painted again....we were just there yesterday.

Here are some shots of the beautiful improvements to downtown OKC.

After a quick face painting, it was home to cook Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas for our Spring Bling speaker practice tonight. They were delicious (and easy!) and everyone wanted the recipe so look for that to come soon!

While I was at Amy's house (where we held speaker practice) I had to drool over all her great decorating. Her house is so stinkin cute! I need her to come decorate mine. I had to take a pic of her dining room centerpiece because I loved it so much and plan on copying it!

Hope you had a great Spring day.

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