Being Frustrated.....It's part of the deal

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I wish I could encourage those of you who are possibly considering foster care by telling you that you won't be frustrated, and it'll be a smooth process to the end. 

That's just not the case. We have had Baby A in our home for almost a week (tomorrow makes a week), and we finally heard from someone at DHS today. It's a frustrating feeling to not know what's going on. It's literally like being in the dark. 

It's hard to settle when you don't have any idea how long this baby will be a part of your family. 

I wish I could encourage you and tell you that it won't be frustrating, but it will be. There are so many people involved when there are children in DHS custody, and sometimes (a lot of times) things don't get communicated the way they should. 

We literally know nothing about Baby A's bio mom at this point. I know nothing about his past, and that can be a little irritating. 

Tomorrow will be an important day in Baby A's journey. He won't be at the meeting, but bio mom will be there along with a permanency case worker, our Angels case worker, and Baby A's brother's foster parents, as well as a mediator. It's called a Family Plan meeting, and it'll be where we'll find out about why the kids are in custody and what mom's plan is moving forward to work towards getting them back. 

It'll be a hard meeting mostly because it'll be the first time we'll meet bio mom. There are so many emotions that come with meeting the mother of the baby you're loving on and caring for 24 hours a day. There's really nothing easy about it. 

There's sadness, anger, grief, anxiety, and so many more feelings that will come tomorrow. Frustration is simply part of it, however, frustration will not be what keeps me from giving love to this little guy. He deserves love from someone right now. Frustration with the system or not, this is what we're called to do. 

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