Spoiled With Love by the Scentsy Family

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

To say we have been spoiled today is an understatement. From the moment we walked up to the campus today, to the minute we left the grounds tonight, every detail was thought out and executed with us in mind. 

We were lavishly welcomed with a tunnel of Scentsy employees lined up and cheering as we walked from one building to the other. We felt like rockstars. Even Stella (the unicorn) and Scout (the dragon) were there! 

They were holding signs with or names on them, blowing bubbles, clapping and cheering. It was a wonderful welcome. I feel like we should have lined up and cheered them on for all they do to make our businesses successful. 

We started with a group picture. This is not the group picture (this was just my view). 

We spent the day being fed (many many times) and learning and engaging with other SuperStar directors. Even baby Ruby took a few notes. That's a SuperStar Director in training if I've ever seen one. 

After a day of training (all focused on child-like wonder and optimism) we were spoiled with a carnival. There were games and contests and cotton candy and snow cones! Brian and I may have had several competitions attempting to beat each other up and down the inflatable slide and on some crazy bungee race (that caused some serious whiplash). There were a few battle wounds. 

After several basketball competitions and a go-cart race or two, we were treated to dinner of hamburgers, hot dogs, roasted corn, salad, coke slaw and dessert. There wasn't a single detail left out. 

After a long day of learning and play, we headed to the hotel and were greeted with another treat- a ticket to movie night (the next night) with popcorn and candy. 

It was truly a fun day at SuperStar Director Summit. Oh how I love these people. 

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