Going nowhere fast

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Family Planning Meeting is done but without much progress. I can't tell you much since we're under a confidentiality agreement. But my goal in writing and sharing is to be the voice of foster families. Hopefully you see the joy and pain, frustration and peace that comes from caring for foster babies. 

The system is flawed. There's no secret there. But when you're dealing with real people, it's so hard for there to be black and white answers to everything. It simply doesn't work that way. 

Right now I'm frustrated because we couldn't really have a Family Planning Meeting because there was a key person missing. That's just how it goes sometimes. 

We had to have real conversations about the possibility of the boys being removed from our homes to be placed together. This will probably be a lengthy process, so it's best for the boys to be together. We can't take big brother. I know we can't. We don't have the space, and I don't have the patience to have two 2-year-olds. I don't think the other foster parents want to take Baby A, so it creates a sticky situation. 

There is also the possibility that family members will surface who will want to take the boys. That too is always a possibility when you're dealing with foster kids. 

So we're currently going nowhere fast. Bio mom doesn't have a plan yet. We aren't set up for visitation yet, and there's always the chance that Baby A will be moved. 

But we're trucking along. Baby A is happy, healthy and growing fast, so we're just loving the time we have with him while he's here. 

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