A business launch and a Pittsburgh Pirates game

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Our time in Pittsburgh (though brief) has been wonderful. We were welcomed to the city by the simply breathtaking view of the skyline and the river after coming thru a long tunnel on our way to the hotel. 

I had no idea this city was so beautiful. 

We settled into the Omni hotel last night (very, very late) and ordered room service for dinner. I caught up on some writing and work while Brian caught up on some TV time. 

After dinner, we hit the sack and planned to sleep in until we woke up, and we did. We awoke to a rainy day in Pittsburgh. 

We took our time getting dressed and ready for the day and then headed out to find some food. On the road, we found this mural on a wall featuring Brian's great uncles, the Waner brothers (Paul and Lloyd) who played on the Pirates World Series team from 1927-1942. 

We ended up a little bakery called Food Glorious Food where we indulged in quiche, coffee, and macaroons. It was delightful. 

And then it was time to head to the Launch Party! Ondrea and Leslie had a great turnout! There was great food and great people and several people who are now starting their own Scentsy businesses. It was fantastic. Ondrea even created a Powerpoint presentation to tell the story of how we met at Atlantis on the Leap of Faith slide. I'm so excited for her and Leslie as they start their businesses and build their teams. 

Ondrea treated us with Pirates tickets, so shortly after the party, we headed out to grab a bit to eat and watch the game. We had our first experience with Pierogis (delicious dumplings of some sort), and we had to order fish and chips. 

The Pirates stadium is stunning (if it's even possible for a baseball stadium to be glorious). It overlooks the river, and the cheap seats have the best view in the house, so we trekked all the way to the top to see it for ourselves. 

We had a great time at the game, but had to head back to the hotel to watch as much of the OU game as possible. I'm writing while watching the game and trying to keep Brian awake (it's been a long week). 

I have to admit that I'm anxious to close my eyes so that I can see my babies tomorrow. It's glorious to travel and have time to ourselves, but the best part about it is missing our babies and our life and everything that goes along with it.....the crazy, the mess, the noise, the love. I want all that back, and I can't wait for tomorrow. 

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  1. Oh my word! I wish I knew you had been in PA. The 'burgh is 4 hours away from Harrisburg but we so would have met ya. :) I LOVE the Pirates stadium. It is beautiful. We were there for a game a few years ago and afterwards there was a spectacular fireworks show. It was breathtaking! Heinz field is nice too (but I'm a biased Steelers fan). Exciting that you were there for these ladies' launch party <3 How cool is that?


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