Baby A

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My phone rang at 9:06 as I was sitting in the dentist's office with an excited 7-year-old and a ticked off 5-year-old. We can't all love the dentist. 

It was my case worker, and I intentionally silenced the phone knowing that I couldn't process whatever she had to tell me, and tend to a screaming little boy at the same time. I knew it was probably about a placement. 

A text came next confirming my thoughts that it was a call about a placement. It was exactly that.

I sent a quick text back explaining that I was dealing with a "situation" at the dentist's office. I told her I would call her when I got finished or that she could call Brian and give him the scoop. 

Then the text from Brian came..."I got a call from L (I'm shortening her name for safety and privacy), she has a potential placement for us. Call me when you can." 

Through a couple more texts, I found out more details. A boy. 5 months old. (And more details that I'll leave out for privacy and safety reasons).

L and I finally talked after Luke was calmed down (thanks to a corn dog from Sonic....and no, I did not let him get a toy from the treasure chest at the dentist because he did not cooperate at all) and the kids were dropped off at school. I voiced my concerns about the placement, and then said, yes. 

We agreed to meet at noon and by 2:00, baby A was in our car headed home. I wish you could see his big grin! He smiled the minute we walked into the room. So far, he's happy and pretty relaxed. We're praying for a night full of sleep for everyone, but we'll see how that goes. 

Right now, could you pray for baby A's health? He needs to fatten up a bit, and we're working hard on that, and he has some healing to do as well from a little infection. Your prayers for those things would be much appreciated. 

I promise to grab a few pictures of his sweet little hands and head and feet tomorrow. I hate that you can't see his face, but that's just how it is. 

Thank you for loving us. We're all settled in. 5 in bed, 1 to go....I'm headed that way.  


  1. I am so glad I got to see you and little A today! He is just precious, even though he was napping. You all are going to be awesome foster parents and bring him so much love, joy and happiness.
    I just keep thinking about the Sunday school song I used to sing at church when I was little. It goes like this:
    Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red, yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world.
    Boy, Jesus gave precious baby A, a huge blessing by picking you to to be his parents.

    1. Diana, I'm so glad you got to meet our little guy! Thank you for being such an encouraging light in our world.

  2. You are doing God's work. Taking care of His children. Such a blessing you both are!

  3. You are such an inspiration, thanks for sharing and praying for you all! Can't wait to see toes :)

    1. Have you seen his toes?! I've posted pics. They are precious!

  4. COngrats!! Thank you for sharing what you can of your journey and story. :D It's a great thing you are doing, opening your home to unknown children. I'll be praying for you and little baby A!

    1. Thank you! He is already a joy to our family!


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