Playing Catch Up from a weekend in the camper

Sunday, September 7, 2014

So it’s been 4 days since I’ve written. I know that I said I would write here everyday for a year, and I’m not going back on that. I’m just not being as strict on myself as I have been in the past.

Tonight is the 1st time I’ve been alone in several days, and for this natural introvert, that can be a real challenge.

We left Thursday afternoon to head to Boise, Idaho for Velata’s very 1st convention, and we have had a glorious time. We’re staying with our sweet friends, the Sprys in their camper on a camp ground.

Despite a few minor unpredictables with the camper, this trip has been a glorious breath of fresh air.

So tonight, while everyone else is napping, I’m sitting outside the camper catching up on all that we’ve been doing and thinking the past several days.

I thought I should probably start with today……

The boys woke up first thing this morning (as has been the trend the whole time we’ve been here). They made a delicious breakfast that consisted of fried white corn tortillas, refried beans, fried and scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash, and an avocado salsa. It was delicious and a perfect start to the day.

We were in no rush to get up and around since the past 2 days have been busy, busy. After breakfast, Jari and I cracked open our bible studies while Joel did the dishes and Brian went to check out the camp ground facilities.

I will say, I could get used to the camping life. Campers today have everything you could need to have an enjoyable experience while away from home.

We soon all dressed and packed our bags to head to a friend’s lake for a day of paddle boarding, canoeing and fishing.  We have the most generous friends who invited us to use their property for the day, and we were thrilled and honored to take them up on it.

We dove up to the most glorious lake. A beautiful property with paddle boards, canoes, fishing rods, lifejackets, and tubes ready to play with.

Jari and I immediately drug the paddle boards across the sandy beach to the water. We had no clue what we were doing, but hopped right on. The water was still and perfect, and we paddled across the entire lake.

The boys grabbed the fishing rods and started casting, but it wasn’t long until they were on their own paddle boards out in the crystal clear water with us.

Jari and Joel eneded up trading their paddle boards for a canoe. Brian and I went on a walk to explore the property.  We walked past babbling brooks and over little bridges. We even found a bee hive. It was the 1st time I had ever seen one (besides in the movies), and I couldn’t help but think how beautiful it was.

We stayed and played in the sun for a few hours and the headed to grab some food.

We had a delicious early dinner and headed back to the camper. I took a shower, and while I was showering, the other 3 fell asleep. It really has been a long 3 days.

So here I find myself. Catching up. Reflecting. Getting it on all on paper. Stayed tuned for more.

Happy Sunday, Ya’ll.

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