The Stars are Shining Bright in Boise Tonight

Monday, September 8, 2014

We tackled the 1st Velata convention, our 1st camping trip, and a fun adventure in Boise with our sweet friends, and now we're gearing up for an amazing 4 days with Scentsy's top leaders.

Tonight we were thrilled to see a huge group of SuperStar directors at the Welcome Reception. 

We spent the night decorating our tees, hugging necks, and catching up with old friends. It was perfect. Even this introvert loved it because introverts love their family the most, and that is exactly who these people 

Thanks to Staci Pace and Ashely Knight, our shirts were appropriately iron with our names and blinged out. 

You can't exactly tell in this photo, but Brian has a lovely tramp stamp on the hiney of his shirt. (And he's being a good sport about it.) 

After decorating our shirts, we headed outside for Velata dippers and friends around the table. 

Of course, we ended up around the table with those closest to us. We can't help it. It feels natural. These are my people, and I love them so much. 

The stars are truly shining bright tonight in Boise. This group of people are a group of committed, passionate, and purposeful people who have a genuine love for each other and their teams, and I'm thrilled to spend the next 4 days learning from them. 

Shine bright stars. 

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