A Scentsy Superstar Director Summit Re-Cap

Thursday, September 11, 2014

This week was both magical and exhausting. Childlike wonder surrounded us, and we were inspired and renewed.

If you haven't been following along, we've been in Boise, Idaho for a week now. We spent 2 days at Velata's 1st convention, a couple days hanging out with our friends in the camper, and 3 full days with Scentsy's top leaders at this year's SuperStar Director Summit.

You can read about our 1st day here

Wednesday (day 2) was a fun filled day that included traveling all over the Scentsy campus. We had the opportunity to pour our own bricks in the manufacturing building, make welcome calls at consultant support, pack and ship orders in shipping, shop in the Scentsy Success store, and have a field day competition with our peers. 

After lunch, we spent time roaming thru some creation stations where we were able to see the way other people made certain things for their business like samples and possibility packets and newsletters. 

After a full day of activities, we headed back to the hotel to rest and eat dinner before heading back to the Scentsy campus for Grace Adele shopping and a Movie night. We finished out day 2 with our annual Heart to Heart silent auction where we raised over $7,500 for 7 families in need. 

Thursday morning sure did come quickly! At this point, we had done very little sleeping, but lots and lots of networking and catching up. 

Thursday's activities consisted of a morning full of dreaming. We were honored to see a sneak peek into the future of Scentsy. All I can say is that it's bright and beautiful and exciting. We had a working closed-door lunch with Orville and Heidi (the owner's of Scentsy) where we were able to ask questions, discuss concerns, and offer suggestions for the future. 

By Thursday afternoon, we were all feeling the effects of 3 full days of meetings, but we were excited about our last evening out at the lake. 

When we arrived at the lake, we were greeted with a whimsical sight. A 4,000 square foot tent filled with lights and tables decorated to perfection. 

Rolled up blankets sat near the fire overlooking a crystal clear lake. It was truly magical. 

After a delicious dinner of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and salad, Orville and Heidi auctioned off one of the centerpieces from the tables. {It went for over $1,000!} 

We were each given a sweet reminder of our time together......a reminder to be a light to our teams and the world. 

And after an emotional round of fireside "Ah-Ha moments," there was one more surprise. 

We each took a paper lantern down to the beach, lit it, and watched it rise into the air. 

Watching those lights float up into the sky was a beautiful reminder of how we all need to be held up for a little while sometimes (we had to hold up the lanterns after they were lit until the inside filled with hot air). 

It was a beautiful reminder that not everyone flies. (Some of our lanterns caught on fire before they made it into the sky...oppps.) 

And while some people will choose to soar, others may simply float along, but it takes all types of lanterns to make a night sky look like this. 

Photo credit: Lyndsee Bates
Oh how I love these people and this place and this family. They truly are my family. 

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