What are you doing up?

Monday, July 15, 2013

A couple things. 
1. I was going to sleep when I realized I had not yet written tonight.
2. Why do I say things like "I'm going to write every day for a year."
3. And yes, I realize 3 means more than a couple....
3. What are you doing awake at this hour? 
What am I doing awake at this hour? That may be the better question. 
Today was the epitome of lazy Sundays. We woke up to rain, and it continued to rain throughout the day. Addy, Wyatt, and I stayed in our jammies all day. 
My kiddos went to church last night, so Brian and I decided to attend church online tonight. (By the way, you should try it.) We are in the middle of a series called "At the Movies" where our pastor takes box office hits and uses them to preach the gospel. This week's movie is The Impossible about the tragic Tsunami of 2004. 
You can catch it online throughout the week at all different times of day. If you're interested, curious, lost, hurting, or just need a good does of Jesus, check it out. It is absolutely amazing. You can see the full schedule of online viewing times and watch live by clicking here
We spent the day playing, cleaning, snuggling, doing laundry, working....you name it, we did it. But it was good. I am motivated, excited, overwhelmed, and ready to work again all at the same time. I love this time of year. 
We have a busy, busy week ahead. Lots of Scentsy stuff. A full week of work, and then next Tuesday, we're headed out for a family vacation. My mom and her girlfriends already have dibs on our house. They want to have a nice girl's getaway. We plan on doing the same....getting away. I'm ready for a full week of nothing but my babies, and the mountains, and my hot hubby. It'll be a ball. Family vacation is the best. 
So that's it. Nothing big to tell you today......or tonight I guess. 
Wishing you a blessed week ahead.

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