Thursday, July 18, 2013

Would you think we were weird if you came over to our house and you were greeted by guineas? 


Would that be odd? 

Would chickens be better? Or would that be equally as weird? 

You can be honest. You won't hurt my feelings.


Maybe I should attempt to explain myself. 

So I think yesterday I mentioned that we found a snake in the backyard that got away. Today, that same snake came back, and Brian successfully killed it. Hooray!

On a sort of unrelated note, Brian has been talking about getting chickens so we can have fresh eggs and a free garbage disposal (did you know they meat....that's weird if you ask me.) Anyways, our main concern is hawks. We have a hawk that lives in the trees around our house. He's really pretty, but I'm sure he would have a nice meal out of some cute chickens. 

When Brian was doing a little more research on the snake he killed today, he found out that guineas have been known to attack and kill snakes. (Now that is my kind of foul). 

So we're considering getting guineas? I guess. 

Who knows. It's another one of my hubbys crazy ideas. 

I don't even know if guinea eggs are good. I mean, if they're not, that's a deal breaker. That's why you have birds like that right?  

I do think guineas are prettier than chickens, but I'm still concerned that you are going to think I'm crazy when you come to my house and are greeted by a flock of guineas. 

Would you have guineas if you could? Or chickens? I'm so confused. I need some advice. 

That's all for today. It's the guinea vs. chicken debate. Feel free to voice your opinion. 


  1. I <3 Chickens!
    I want them so bad but Joel said NO WAY - - we have mountain lions and they would draw them in like a midnight fridge fest!

  2. We had both growing up. You don't want to eat guinea eggs, they are not like chicken eggs. Guineas are great to just let roam around free and kill ticks and spiders and snakes. Chickens are good for eggs, and wonderful eggs, but they need to be kept in a coop/chicken house with a fenced yard so critters don't eat them. Because things kill chickens, and you don't want those "things" around your yard with kiddos either. My suggestion, get both. Let guineas roam around free and chickens be kept in a coop. My dad could help with any wisdom, he has had chickens and guineas for over 25 years :)

  3. Chickens would be fun. My dad used to have a hen house full of them when Ryan was little. He thought it was so fun collecting the eggs. They actually rung a few necks and ate fresh fried chicken. They also had a Roaster, peacocks, goats, and a few other animals. We called it going to the farm.

  4. We also have both guineas and chickens. Rachel is right guinea eggs are not the kind of eggs you want to eat. Here, our guineas and our chickens are free range (not caged)but that being said we lost several to coyotes before we got our enclosure finished and the Blue Heelers that now protect them and don't let coyotes anywhere around here.

    You should also know that guineas are not very bright, especially as babies. They are very accident prone! Our guineas hatched out 11 babies a few months ago and they are just now starting to get their "clown heads" and there are only two of them left. THey are also very flighty and not the kind of bird that is going to let the kids mess with them. I said they aren't very bright, but they are great at eating insects and yes they will kill snakes. Our chickens have also killed a few snakes and their eggs are absolutely delicious!!!
    Whatever you decide, if you buy babies they will have to be kept protected and under a heat lamp until they get their feathers. If you get adults they will have to be kept penned up for a month or so until they learn where home is.
    The setup that we have here is a large 24' wide by 24' deep by 8' tall, total enclosure (we have a lot of chickens!). It contains 7 separate enclosures (we have several different breeds)and a feed lane. Each separate enclosure has a small chicken door to the outside. They come out and free range all day and when it starts getting dark they make their way back to their pens to roost for the night. They will go back and forth throughout the day to lay their eggs, get a drink, etc.
    A little fun fact that I think you and the kids would love is Americaunas! They lay colored eggs. We have some and they lay blue, green and pink eggs. We also have some Marans and they lay dark chocolate brown eggs. I also have a couple of small incubators if you decide you want to borrow one and hatch your own. That might be fun for the kids. If you decide you'd like to do that, let me know and I will start saving some eggs for yall to hatch :-)
    Anyway, if I can be of any help just let me know.


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