The Family Vacay Continues

Thursday, July 25, 2013

One of the things I love about blogging daily is that when we're on vacation, our travels and activities get documented. If I didn't have a commitment to write everyday, I know that wouldn't happen. 

So today was our 1st full day of our family trip to Colorado. 

We had a lazy morning. The kids played all morning. They played doctor and puppy (where Luke was lovingly named "Pepsi"). We cooked up breakfast for everyone. French toast and bacon for the kids (plus an entire cantaloupe that they finished off on their own). Spinach and cheese omelets for mom and dad. Plus lots of coffee. 

We had a rough night. Addy crawled into our bed in the middle of the night (she hasn't been feeling well lately), and I found Luke asleep in the upstairs hallway underneath a lamp around the same time. Brian ended up sleeping with Luke, and Addy and I took over the king sized bed. But there was a lot of tossing and turning which equalled a lot of coffee this morning.
Shortly after breakfast Brian headed to the store to pick up a few more things we needed. I showered and got ready for the day while the kids played. (And they really played so well. It is a blessing and a joy to watch them play so well together). 

I packed up everything we might need for a day on the town, and when Brian got home, we headed out. Before going into Breckenridge, he pulled of the side of the road beside this gorgeous lake that he and Addy had fished at for a while yesterday. There was a bald eagle there when they were fishing, and he wanted to see if it was still there.
And it was. So the big kids and I got out of the car and walked down to the water line. We literally walked right underneath this eagle. It was breathtaking and beautiful. 

 photo IMG_9831_zps27f9a8ed.jpg

 photo IMG_9829_zpsbbf748a0.jpg

And the view was pretty spectacular too. 

 photo IMG_9838_zps02f5d4df.jpg

 photo IMG_9840_zpsc8b455e0.jpg

After our eagle watching, we headed into Breckenridge, found a delicious pizza place to grab some lunch, and then headed up the free gondola ride. 

 photo IMG_9849_zps0250e4c9.jpg

 photo IMG_9852_zps030eebc2.jpg

It was awesome and beautiful.
At the top of the gondola ride there were tons of fun family things to do like play miniature golf, jump in a giant bounce house, eat dippin' dots, or ride on a giant slide down the side of a mountain. Yes please.
Addy and daddy rode the ski lift up to the top of the slide 1st. (While Luke and I ate dippin' dots).

 photo IMG_9854_zpsa2d4a69a.jpg

And then Luke I headed up. It was his first time on a real ski lift, and he was scared at first, but then started to love it. How could you not?

This pic was an accident, but I thought it was kind of cool. 

On the way up, he decided that we needed to ride on the middle slide. So we did.

This was us pre-slide. (He hates pictures.)

And the view.

And here we are at the bottom.

 photo IMG_9858_zps6e1e5d26.jpg

He loved it, and so did I. At first, he was scared, but within 30 seconds, he was telling me to go faster. We will probably do it again. It was a blast. 

After the slides, we were all pretty beat, so we headed home for naps. Of course, this one didn't want to nap, so he and I hung out. 

 photo IMG_9872_zpsc71f4c37.jpg

We played another round of Disney's Scene it game (played round 1 last night). There was a
 Taylor Swift concert at the top of the stair before dinner,

   photo IMG_9890_zps4a6bb4e1.jpg

 photo IMG_9899_zps5edd236f.jpg

 photo IMG_9894_zps3db71365.jpg

and then both kiddos got in the hot tub with dad as I headed out for a run. Right before I left, I looked up a saw a rainbow. 

I then proceed to go for a run. Please note that I could only run a quarter of a mile before I had to stop. At home, I'm back up to an easy 2 and 1/2 miles before I have to stop. This Colorado air is kicking my butt!

But I did see some pretty sights while I was out. Even though I didn't make it far, it was beautiful ending to a beautiful day.

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