A Family Reunion

Friday, July 12, 2013

There are so many necks to hug. So many people to see. So much progress to observe. 

Two days. It's just two days of being reminded why I do what I do and why it matters. 

Our annual Scentsy family reunion ended this evening. It was a whirlwind of a couple days. There is so much to take in and process. 

New products, new opportunities, and new chances to try a little harder to be a little better. 

But when everyone is gone and all the craziness of the past couple days begins to fade, I still have to have a reason to move forward. 

The money, the products, the trips.....none of that is enough to make me want to work everyday. 

There can be no end to the work you do as a leader in a direct sales company. There are no doors to close for the night. No, "be back at noon" signs. 

You're always on. Someone always needs you or needs to order something or needs advice or needs a pick me up. 

So all those "things" really aren't a good enough incentive in the log run to stay the course and continue the work that can often become exhausting. 

But the change that has happened in me and the people around me, well, that's a different story. 

I wake up every day feeling incredibly blessed for life that the Lord has provided us with. Our story and the life we're currently living doesn't even seem fair. There are so many good things in a day. 

And there are so many people that are my family now because of this amazing company. I have watched our lives change. I have watched their lives change. 

I've been thinking a lot about what I want my business to look like over the next couple of years. My kids are little, so I want and plan to be more than present in their lives.   

I used to try to micromanage my team. If there was something cool to be done with your team members, I wanted to do it. 

But it was last September when I took a good look at the way my business was functioning and decided that it was much more simple than I was making it out to be. 

In the beginning of my business, I was laser like focused on my new team members and on building relationships with them. 

The majority of the people that I put myself close to and maintained a steady relationship with then, are still active and thriving consultants now. 

Somewhere along the way, I got away from that. I stopped focusing on relationships and started focusing on incentives and meetings and ideas and fun crafts and all kinds of crazy stuff. 

And as we grew and grew and grew, I somehow let a lot of relationships fall through the cracks. 

I say all that to tell you that I know that the most important thing I can do is to continue to foster and build relationships with the people on my team. 

The past 2 days have been beautiful. I feel like my life is so rich because there are so many people that I now know and love because of this simple little Wickless candle business. It doesn't even seem possible. 

Somewhere along the way, I made friends. And then I made family. Thanks to scentsy, we have become one huge family. It's beautiful. I've never seen anything like it. 

So when I think about what I want my business to look like over the coming years, the answer is pretty clear. 


I want it to look like family. 

I want it to be centered around relationships and big goals and big dreams and even bigger accountability. 

I want to clearly show people how it is possible to succeed if you can only dare to be brave enough to try. 

I want to believe in people. Encourage people. Inspire people. 

I want to stay inspired. I want to take big risks and try new things. I want to think outside the box and be innovative. 

But more than anything, I want to see my family again next year. I want it to keep growing. I want to develop leaders and build up women who feel empowered to lead others. 

I want my family to grow. Simple as that. 

I don't know how much money I want to make or how many trips I want to earn (even though I absolutely plan on earning a trip to the Bahamas and taking a whole bunch of my family with me!). 

I just know I want more of what I had this week. I want more hugs, more smiles, more friendships.....more scentsy family. 

Because how can you possibly have to much family? You can't. 


  1. Well I love this. I wish I would have read this before our 12 hour car ride together lol. Might have

  2. Love! You took the words right out of my mouth! It really is all about relationships. My most favorite thing about Scentsy is the family I've gained.

  3. bloglovin' is where I read this. I love this... FAMILY. I'm so very thankful for the 'family' that has come into my life over the past 5 years. Thank you 'sister Allie!' XO.

  4. I love this! I love my Scentsy family. I love being around you and all my Scentsy sisters, it is my happy place! And yes I am going on that trip with you, and even a few pounds lighter. :)


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