Nestled in the Mountains

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

If you need me, you can find me in the mountains. 

Which means that we officially arrived this morning at 5 am mountain time. Please note that 5 am was 3 hours before we could check into our rental house. 

Super Awesome. 

So we camped out in a parking lot for a good 30 minutes and moved to 7 Eleven when we needed a potty break. I changed Wyatt's diaper in the stroller in the parking lot of 7 Eleven. And I didn't feel one bit redneck about.
At 6:00 am sharp we were at Wal-Mart ready to cruise around the store until we could find a place to eat breakfast at 7:00. Seriously, where is Starbucks when you need one? 

Turns out Starbucks was just up the road and had been open since 5:30. Oh well. 

Luckily, the company we rented our house from was amazing. Brian emailed them at 5:00 this morning telling them we had arrived much earlier than expected and if there was any way we could check in early, that would be wonderful. 

David from Summit Mountain Rentals came to our rescue and headed in to work early so we could check in early. What a great guy. (He later helped us out a ton with our baby crib fiasco, which was equally as awesome.) So major props go out to the people at Summit Mountain Rentals....especially David. He's been great. 

And this house is awesome and was a total steal. It has 4 bedrooms and a private hot tub and we got it for less than what we would have paid for a 2 bedroom suite in a hotel. 

Out of the blue, my dad is meeting us up here for a few days, and we have good friends coming up from Colorado Springs. They will be here this weekend, and I simply can't wait. 

My heart is full but my eyes are heavy. Brian drove last night all night long. I slept on and off, but it's definitely catching up to me now. The kids were great. They each woke up at least once but quickly fell back to sleep. Except for getting to our destination 3 hours too early, the trip was an overall success. 

I'll post more pics tomorrow, but tonight I'll leave you with this....because it was just too cute not to share!
 photo IMG_9809_zps5f460f55.jpg 

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