Because sometimes you need candles and mexican food

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So it's case you missed that. Which means my "To Do" list was much longer than the free time I had today {which was none}. 

And by the end of a long Monday, sometimes you need to light some candles and order Mexican food to go. Anyone?

Brian didn't feel like cooking, and I didn't know Brian wouldn't feel like cooking so I couldn't adequately prepare for cooking, hence, take-out. 

While Brian and Luke headed to our favorite local Mexican food locale, Addison and I set the table for a special occasion. 

I was feeling overwhelmed (like I always do on Monday nights). There was far too much to do before bed time. So I decided it would be better if we just pretended that we didn't have anything more important to do than have a fancy dinner. 

Addy fetched the candles from the bathroom (because the only place we have candles in the entire house is around our bathtub). 

{Yes, I enjoy a candlelit bath on occasion. Don't judge me.} 

I took the flowers that I bought earlier today at the grocery store out of the paper, cut them down, and put them in a mason jar. 

After the candles and flowers were arranged, Addison decided that we should definitely make it look like a restaurant. That meant placing roughly 12 placemats on the table (including plastic glitter snowman placemats and heart shaped placemats with elephants on them). That's one classy restaurant. 

She took the time to fold every napkin into a special pattern. 

To finalize the table setting, she added forks, knives, and margarita and martini glasses, 'cause that's how we roll. 

And then right before dinner, this happened: 

She prayed. He said amen. My heart is happy, and Monday is complete. 

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