Your Favorite Vacation Spot

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Brian and I both agree that creating family memories is absolutely worth spending money on. Because of that agreement, we are now going on 2 family vacations this year. We're headed to Disney World in December, and we're going somewhere this summer.

But I really need your help. We still don't know where we're going at the end of the month. We have a few places in mind that we think our kids would love, but I'd love your thoughts on great family vacations.

Remember, it will be the end of July and we have a 6 year old, a 4 year old, and a 9 month old.

What great family vacations have you enjoyed? Or where would you love to take your family?

I'd love your thoughts and suggestions.

Here are a few of the places we're considering....

The Grand Canyon 

Destin, Florida 
Hilton Head, South Carolina 

San Diego (We love Mission Bay) 

Myrtle Beach
Where would you go? Where have you been? Where are your favorite family vacation spots?


  1. I love Destin, FL We had a fabulous time when we took our kids when they were young.
    Our kids also loved the cruises! They loved the kids programs on the ship

    1. I've never been to Destin, but I know so many people who love it there.

  2. Hey Allison! I'm new to your blog but actually on your Scentsy team. :) Anyway, we are on our way to Gulf Shores, AL. We go every year & love, love it!! I blogged about it the other day. It's not quite as far as Destin.

    1. Hey Kristal. I hadn't thought of that! I'll have to do some research and I'll check out your post. Have a great trip!


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