Summer at the Dalke house

Monday, June 24, 2013

So many things are happening around here.

First of all, I want to thank you for all your Disney tips. So many of you chimed in over facebook. As we plan our trip, I'll compile all your tips and make one big Disney Planning post.

I was already nervous about going to Disney World in the heat of July, and you all confirmed by nervousness about going in July. We've concluded that it's just too hot. So, we've already called Southwest and changed our flights, and now we're going at the beginning of December. Hooray!

I feel so much better about going then, and now I have more time to plan which makes me super happy.

But now, I'm in search of a fun summer family trip for the end of July. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

On another note, I'm in the middle of re-organizing my laundry room. It has never functioned for me since we moved in, and I'm in overhaul mode. I'm already happier thanks to a clothes rack. Oh, the simple things.

In addition to trip planning and re-organizing, my assistant is having a baby (hopefully any day!) and I told her she couldn't work anymore. She also just moved into a brand new house 3 days ago. Talk about having a lot on your plate.

But that means that I'm doing all the work she used to do in addition to all the stuff I usually do. So I wrote out some cards today and made samples and all sorts of fun stuff.

I forgot how much work all that stuff is! But it's fun stuff too.

Plus it's summer (in case you needed to be reminded). My kiddos are in swim lessons and loving it. We are doing fun family stuff. Tomorrow we're going to see Monsters University. I can't wait.

We've been enjoying the outdoors this summer. Lots of time on the trampoline, riding bikes, and playing in the sprinklers. 

I really do love summer. 

I love the busy. I love the mess. I love not getting anything done because we're playing or reading or going to the movies. There's really nothing better. Happy summer to you! 

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  1. What about Slitterbaun? For a family vacation. they are near San Antonio in New Brunsfuls, TX. There is also one in Galveston, TX. Just a thought. My kids loved it when they were young, it is a huge waterpark.


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