A Princess and a Pirate Party

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My kiddos turned 6 and 4 back in March, and we threw them one heck of a birthday party. The dining room was set for the princesses.

Awaiting each princess was a glittery pink frame with each child's name on it, a princess crown (of course), and dozens of jewels for each princess to add to her new princess frame. 

Now that I see the picture, maybe we should have taken out the giant "Made in China" piece of paper for presentations sake. Oh well, you can't win 'em all.

Carrying on.....

Oh let's not forget to mention the lace dollies and the pink champagne flutes. Oh, to be a princess.

Even the buffet was decorated with goody bags waiting to be filled with sugary sweetness from the pinatas (and yes, princesses like pinatas), a precious princess Scentsy warmer, and of course a Frog prince.

Over in the living room, there was not the slightest pinch of pink (or bitch of pink, whichever you prefer). No, no there was no pink. Only red, and black and pirate crap.

(Not crap....it was awesome stuff....I just prefer the princess side of the house.)

Every pirate needs a banner right?! 

And of course, every pirate needs a personalized picture frame (made in China). 

But the crown jewel of the pirate party was the pirate ship. Handcrafted by non other than the daddy pirate.

Those pirates really took over. They flung their pirate flag across my art.

And stashed their sails over my shutters.

And of course, we can't forget the pirate loot!

Balloons flanked the staircase to clearly divide the princesses from the pirates.

Once the princesses and pirates arrived, it was crafting time. There is the birthday girl herself adding a few jewels to her frame.

And my pirate. Costume and all. 

Everyone got their picture taken to go into their new frame. 
This is my precious niece. What a princess. 

And this was the only picture that Luke would let us snap of him (with his friend from school).

And then there was the necessary treasure hunt....complete with treasure maps.

Please note that the little girl pulling maps out of my hand is the birthday girl (in black leggings, her birthday t-shirt, and her hair completely unfixed). Like I said, you can't win 'em all. (She dressed herself and would not put on the skirt I picked out.)

The hunt begins! {Led by my incredible husband who made up some story on the way.}

I had to include this picture. I'm pretty sure he is saying "I don't know where we're going...." 
{He didn't know where the treasure was. My sister and brother-in-law hid it.} 


Then of course there was the business of the pinata....ahem...the other treasure chest...

Let it rain....

Now that's treasure. 

And then the princess crown....because we're all about equal opportunity around here. 

'atta boy Corbin...

I heart this picture.....

Wow, I love those torn up cushions in the back....way to ruin a picture (we have since bought new cushions...I'd love for you to come over....our backyard is fit for visitors....I promise).

love this

and this...precious

Kindergarten friends

And lastly....a glimpse at the dress up/photo shoot area where Papa David is helping Luke open a new ninja turtle toy. 

Happy Birthday to my 2 sweets. {very belated....their birthdays are in March....just a small detail....no need to worry.} 

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  1. Beautiful! You really know how to throw a party. My princess turns 6 in August. She has requested a mermaid party. With no pool access it's going to be a feat to pull it off! You have given me inspiration! Love it!!



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