Amazon Knows Me Too Well

Friday, June 21, 2013

Somewhere in the near and recent past, I became obsessed with online shopping.

In all reality, I'm addicted to shopping on Amazon. I mean, they know what I want to buy before I even know what I want to buy!

Is this only me? Am I the only one with a problem?

I mean I buy everything on Amazon. I just bought shampoo and conditioner, and it shipped for free and will be here Tuesday. Not too bad.  

Amazon is also where I discovered that there is a small group study titled God is in the Laundry Room. Seriously.

And where I learned that there are quite a lot of people looking to take your mind off the laundry that needs to be done by having you apply a cute vinyl saying on your laundry room wall.

(I was searching for Laundry Room Storage when I discovered all this).

Oh and my newest favorite discovery about Amazon? an Amazon Prime member ($75 a year), not only do you get free shipping on all Prime items (which is a lot of them!) but you also get to watch live streaming video and checkout Kindle books for free!

I have discovered Downton Abbey and I'm watching it for free people.

How will I ever catch up? I said I was only going to watch when I was running on the treadmill, but I busted another vein in my leg today, so no running for a while for me : (. Guess I'll just have to watch Downton Abbey in bed.

Here's the other thing about Amazon.

I can buy books in less than 1 second and immediately start reading them. Plus, Amazon knows I love washi tape and watches.

It knows what kind of camera I have and which lenses I wish I had. It knows that I have a baby and a book obsession.

And now it knows that I am re-doing my laundry room.

I just bought a storage bench and 20 succulents on Amazon.

I told you I have a problem.

Amazon even knows about my pen obsession.

When will the madness stop?

That's all really. I was just curious if I was the only one with a strange obsession for online shopping. What are your favorite places to shop online?


  1. Ryan love Amazon too, and buys everything that way. Ryan said as a student that Prime membership is only $40 a year. So he is hooking it up some how to our TV to watch more shows. It is ironic you are talking about it tonight--because Ryan told us about that TV feature today. So does my cousin. Really if I thought about it more, I would use it more. :)

  2. Amazon and I have been BFFs for several years now. When we remodeled our bathrooms at our old house I ordered vents, lighting, a kohler medicine cabinet, etc from there. It's also been a life saver for baby stuff and items needed for our new home. I also use it for the bulk of my Christmas shopping. Having been both a full-time working woman and now a full-time SAHM, it has been such a convenience. You just can't beat free 2-day shipping and no tax. When price comparing, Amazon wins 99.9% of the time. I also love reading the reviews to help me make informed decisions. We stream free movies & tv shows via prime too. So glad you and Amazon are also BFFs!


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