I'm Going to be on TV!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

That's right folks! Tomorrow is the big day, and I cannot wait! 

Brian and I filmed an episode of ABC's The Chew while we were in New York back in May, and tomorrow is the air date! 

I'm so excited. I know that I am going to be super critical of the way I look since I'm still hanging on to unwanted baby weight....grace....gotta give myself some grace and just enjoy it. 

I will warn you. There is a moment that I'm sure I will cringe at when I see it on TV. On the 1st of my 2 segments (yep, we're like the whole show!), Daphne mentioned that I just had a baby 7 months ago and said something to the effect of how great I looked, and I did this horrible, arms in the air, I am a champion move that I instantly regretted. 

So don't judge me when you see that. 

And also I would like to mention that I do not approve of my hair color on the show. I wanted to get just some blonde highlights before we left for New York, and I went to a new hair girl (bad idea) and the color does not look good or natural or highlighted. 

So just so you know...I don't approve of that hair. 

Other than those things....I can't wait. It should be fun. 

And I'm wearing Grace Adele jewelry! 

As a side note, I tried to wear the necklace that matches the ring I have on, but it kept hitting my mic. So only the ring. 

It should be fun! 

Tune in tomorrow on ABC. Check your local listings but it comes on here at noon CST. 

Yeah for being on TV! 

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