Sleeping with another man and other unimportant things

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Only 1 more night until my hubby comes home! {I probably, intentionally forgot to mention that he was gone for a few days, but now that he's almost back, I feel like it's okay to say so.}

In the meantime I'm sleeping with another man.

Don't worry, he's not really a man. More like a 4 year old who fell asleep in my bad after a long and busy day preparing for Father's day. We worked our hineys off. Even the kids helped, and they can't wait to show daddy our surprise.

There were a few problems with today though.

I killed a giant....I am talking seriously giant spider that was living in a hole in the concrete in the garage. I sprayed it with wasp killer. There was no way I was getting close enough to smash it with a shoe.

I saw it last night and considered letting it live, but this morning it looked like it was possibly considering coming into my house, and I decided that would not be okay. And really I just remembered that we had wasp spray and thus a means of killing the abnormally large spider. (I really would have done it last night, I just didn't know how.

I also had a major allergy attack in the middle of the day. So major that I'm still sniffling, but that didn't stop me from finishing our super big and very exhausting Father's day surprise.

Then I found a scorpion....that I also killed. Thank you very much. Once again, it was all thanks to the Wasp killer. I don't know what I'd do without that stuff. I don't like to smash things. I would rather spray them with poison for a safe distance away.

I like scary bugs when they're dead.

I'm just saying.

So I would love to show you what we did today (and yesterday), but there is a chance that my hubby with read this post on his way home tomorrow, and we don't want to give it all away.

Isn't that sweet? My husband doesn't get on facebook or instagram or twitter, but he reads my blog....I love that man.

Speaking of people who read my blog, so does my daddy. I love you dad! Happy early Father's day! I wish you were here to join us at church and go eat lunch. You could move here ya know? Oklahoma needs pharmacists too.

So with my stuffed up nose, I'm turning it. I probably won't be able to walk tomorrow. (I could hardly walk today...thanks, Barre3!)

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