Family Dinner Questions

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Well so be it. I have been working on a post about our NYC trip for like an hour. Granted, I have also been eating lime flavored tortilla chips and watching the bachelorette, but I was working on it.

And then I realized that all the pictures I wanted to share with you did not upload like I thought they did last night. So instead, you're getting my Family Dinner Questions post : ) Get excited people!

But really, I found this Family Dinner Question download from You can get your own free download by signing up for their newsletter. Plus, there are a bunch of other cute downloads. Just go check them out.

Anyways, I actually printed these off and cut them out and put them on our table, and we've had so much fun with them.

Brian thought they were dumb at first (and I did have to take out some that weren't age appropriate for my 6 and 4 year old), but after last night, he likes the Family Dinner Questions.

It's simple. Sign up for the How Does She newsletter  and download this cute template. Print it out, cut it up, and you have lots of fun dinner time conversation for your family.

 It's just another fun idea for you to engage with your family this summer. I even think it would be fun if you don't have kids. We have laughed so hard at some of our answers.

Why not? Family Dinner Questions....what a great idea.

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