Who can resist a donut?

Monday, June 10, 2013

So here's the story about how I woke up one day and discovered I was chubby. 

I really wanted to say fat, but then half of you would have emailed me and told me that I'm not fat and I just had a baby. Whatever. 

I feel fat and I look chubby so we're calling it what it is people. 

I do recall that I just had baby #3. I also vaguely recall that that was 7 1/2 months ago. And I'm very certain that I am sick of looking like this and not having clothes that fit. 

Workout pants do not pass as workout pants when you don't work out in them and you're only wearing them because they have an elastic waist band. (I promise I will quit complaining in just a minute.) 

On another note, I was at Barre3 the other day for a repeat visit and there was this girl in there who had a baby who must have been between like 9 months and a year old, and she was so incredibly fit that I wanted to rip her hair out. 

I don't struggle with jealousy at all. There is no need to worry about me. Really. 

But I digress. Skinny people with babies make me want to walk around offering free donuts to everyone like that little girl on the Special K commercial because I know I can't resist a donut. Surely they couldn't either. And if I carried around free donuts for long enough, surely, those skinny moms with babies would get chubby like me, and then we could all be chubby together. Wouldn't that be great?! 

So in all honesty I don't want all the skinny girls to be chubby. I want to be one of them! I want to be a skinny girl with a baby. 

Now before you get all huffy on me. I'm not trying to be super thin. I just want to feel strong again. I want to make better choices about the food that I put into my body. Once I start making better choices, my body is going to respond. 

When I decide to do something, I have to have a plan. (You're not surprised by that are you?) 

And since I do not diet....would never ever ever.....I am on a workout plan and I'm doing weight watchers again. 

I seriously love weight watchers. It really is easy and the principle behind it is that it helps you make better choices about the food you eat. It re-trains your mind to help you make better food decisions. It's like a sophisticated food journal. And it has built in accountability, which is important. 

I use Weight Watchers strictly online and it works great for me. I can track my food choices from my phone really easily, and I feel in control of what I put in my body. Brian and I both used the online program when Luke was about 1. I had my last 10 pounds to lose and it came right off and stayed off. 

Today was my 1st day back on, and I did great. I caught myself grabbing handfuls of goldfish every now and then and immediately stopped! Who wants those extras points?! Not worth it. 

So that's the plan. I just wanted you to be aware that I will still eat the occasional donut (because they keep bringing them to my house for bible study) but I'll count the points and move on. 

Because who can resist a donut? (Besides my sister who hates them, but that's another post all together). 

Oh but before I go, speaking of bible study, you should join us! I'm starting an Online Bible Study to study Priscilla Shirer's Gideon along with the siestas over at Beth Moore's blog. I have already watched the first video session and it's awesome! 

The only thing you need is to pick up a copy of the Gideon participant's guide and join us on Wednesday night at 8:00 pm CST. If you think you'd like to join us, check out this post.


  1. I got 2 things from this:
    1. Was I in the class with the fit pregnant girl? I didn't see her. Maybe the Lord shielded my eyes from her because I would have been angry and envious. Every pregnant girl should be chubby and uncomfortable.

    2. Why does Whitney hate donuts? I feel like my friendship with her just took a hit.

    1. No she wasn't pregnant. She was they one who are instructer walked up to after class and said "you're so fit! You should teach." What? Translation: "the rest of you suck."

      And right? I dunno. She just doesn't like donuts. Crazy talk I tel ya.

  2. Megan you are cracking me up! Seriously! Allison are not chubby! I am chubbier than you! LOL I need to be doing the same thing actually. Really, Whit doesn't like donuts?

  3. You can do it! Although, yes, you are beautiful now. But I know how you feel and I haven't even had a baby. Not fitting into clothes is NOT fun.

    I actually am one of those people who hate donuts though...people always think it's weird. I hate everything in the donut family - funnel cakes, honey buns, cinnamon rolls, etc. But believe me, I make up for it with ice cream and chocolate chip cookies!

  4. LOVE Weight Watchers!! I started back in OCT.. kinda cheated through the holidays, but didn't gain! But the last 3 weeks or so I have been STRUGGLING! this post was a small reminder than I need to get back on track and kick away some more Pounds! If you ever want to share recipes let me know! I have some FAB ones!

  5. Allie!!! I was going to restart WW yesterday, but DIDN'T, so you've inspired me to start tomorrow! I lost 7 lbs before Costa Rica, but gained back 4!!! No BUENO!


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