New York City Day 2 Recap

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back in May, Brian and I went on an all expenses paid trip to the Big Apple! And we had a glorious time.

Here is what we got ourselves wrapped up in on Wednesday of our trip.

We started the day by heading to Central Park.

We stopped in to NikeTown to pick up a backpack. The store was 4 stories high! It was awesome.

And then we made our way over to the famous toy store right outside Central Park, FAO Schwarz. I seriously could have stayed in there for hours. I just kept thinking about how much my kids would have LOVED it! 

And it is beautiful....

It is very strange that aside from a couple other parks on the island, it is the only place with trees and grass. It's so strange to me. I guess being an Oklahoma girl (where the grass and trees are abundant) it was a little bit of culture shock for me.

You know how I love the trees.

We ran into this on a park bench and my heart melted. I had to snap a shot.

We slowly made our way thru Central Park to the MET.

I loved the MET. I could hang out in New York just to spend days on end wandering through museums looking at art. Inside we saw things like this....

And this....

And the rest of these that I liked.....

Yep....that's Monet.

And Van Gogh

This one might have been my favorite....titled Marseilles by Paul Signac

Unfortunately, we didn't get to stay at the museum as long as we had hoped....we hardly saw any of it. It's huge! And don't ask why we had to leave's a sore spot. I ended up crying.

But since you asked, they had absolutely no place where I could pump. No place. The bathroom had 3 stalls (and no electricity) and they had no private places at all. It was quite a fiasco, and by the time we left I was in tears.

We ended up grabbing a cab and heading back to the hotel to take care of our milk situation.

And then we headed out to grab a late lunch. We ended up at a delicious little place called, Angelo's Pizza where I ordered some delicious Vodka Cream Pasta. It was amazing.

Pretty soon after our very late lunch, we boarded a bus to head to the docks with our Scentsy family where boarded a boat on the Hudson River for a wonderful dinner cruise. 

Not only was our cruise on the Hudson wonderful, but there was a lovely surprise when we circled back around to the Statue of Liberty....Fireworks! The guys on the boat said that there are only fireworks a couple times of year around the Statue of Liberty like this. It was amazing.

And that was day 2 in NYC. Loved it. 


  1. I had so much fun with you, let's do it again!

  2. Me too! I was the best trip ever!


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