Your Disney Secrets

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sort of by accident, we are taking our kids to Disney this summer. But SHHHH! Don't tell them! They don't know yet, and we want to keep it that way.

But as we start to plan out the details, I'm getting super excited....maybe over excited. I love, love, love Disney World.

And we were able to go 2 summers ago for FREE thanks to Scentsy (oh, how I love my Scentsy family!) Addy was 4 and Luke was 2, and I always said that I would never pay to take them at those ages, but it was the most fun we have had as a family, and I'm so glad we went.

Addy was into princesses and Luke LOVE Mickey Mouse. It really was magical.

When we went I did not plan or book anything until we got there. And I know, that's crazy because people book out things 90 days in advance. That sort of stresses me out.

But I am starting to plan. I want to have a little more planned out and booked before we go this time. I found the cutest handmade princess necklaces that I'm going to surprise Addison with before we go. I love them so much that I think I may need one too. You can see them and other cute handmade stuff at

So I'm wondering what you're Disney secrets are. What are the must dos? Where are your favorite places to eat?

I'd love to hear your Disney tips....thanks for sharing.


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  2. Our kids have a lot of fun trading pins with all the cast members. They cost a fortune to buy there. I recommend getting a "lot" on ebay. It really doesn't matter what you get because you will trade them anyway.

  3. I also HIGHLY recommend the Undercover Tourist app for your iphone. It gives accurate group levels and tells you the ride times for EVERY ride at EVERY park.


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