Date Night at the Game....Go Thunder!

Monday, May 14, 2012

I spent the day doing mom things. I did all that fun stuff like folding loads and loads of laundry, sending money to the IRS, going to the doctor to check out that tiny baby in my belly (and that tiny baby is great by the way! Heartbeat of 156), nursing fat swollen lips (Wade {foster baby} had to get two stitches in his lip last night....poor baby) know, all that mom stuff.

And now, thanks to my fabulous husband, we are headed for a night out! Praise the Lord, we need one! 

It's dinner first and then to the Thunder vs Lakers game! I'm excited. It will be wonderful to have a few hours of my husband to myself. 

There's a Papa Murphy's pizza and cheesy bread in the oven for the kids and the best babysitter in the world in the backyard pushing swings. We are ready to go. 

This serves as your night is important to your marriage! When is the last time you spent intentional time alone with your spouse? If you haven't lately, it's time to schedule it. I know it's tough to organize sometimes, but it is completely worth the time, effort, and money. 

So, we're off. If you happen to plan on watching the game tonight, be sure to look for us. We'll be directly behind the Lakers bench. You just may see us! 276 of a year of writing.....

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