It's Time for a Plan....Anyone?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Well, tomorrow officially begins our summer. The kids are out of school, and we're ready for some summer sun.

Tomorrow I will also be fifteen weeks pregnant. The past couple of weeks have really been smooth sailing. I am not having any huge strange cravings. I do love lime in my water and I'm eating a lot of yogurt and granola. I am sort of craving all things salt. We picked up McDonald's for the kids today after church (I know it's so healthy!) and I made the comment that I just wanted to lick the salt off the fries. I've also been craving beer with salt and lime. I think it's a salt thing which is probably really an iodine thing. I know that iodine is something your body needs when pregnant which would explain the typical "pickle" craving that lots of women have when they're pregnant. 

What else? 

I think we're beginning to zone in on where we want to settle down. We've been looking at houses and have even looked out of state some, but after being back at our old church for two weeks in a row now, we feel at home more so than we ever have. 

We were attendees at in Edmond for almost ten years when we moved to the campus in Yukon. And when we came back to Edmond just a couple of weeks ago, I didn't expect for it to feel the way it has. 

We know so many incredible people in Edmond. We have family in Edmond, and it simply feels like home. I honestly didn't expect it to feel that way coming back, and I don't know why. But today during worship, it was like I heard the lord whisper to me, "Did you think I wouldn't be here, too?" Of course He's there. It's where He lead us back to, and it feels so very good. 

I'm ready for a plan. A pregnancy workout plan, a Bible study plan, a house hunting plan. You know me if you've been around here for any amount of time; I just love a good plan. 

My new workout plan? 30-40 minutes of cardio every day from now until that baby makes its appearance. It sounds hard, but it's something I can do. My mom and I went on a walk last night while Addy rode beside us on her bike. I just need to say what I'm going to do, so I'll be accountable, so there you have it....that's the plan....cardio. 

My new Bible study plan? I'm going to get back into the habit of being in God's Word every morning. I have that crazy passionate desire for more and more of His Word again, and I love that. It's a really good place to be. I can't get enough of it, and I need to set aside specific time each day to be in His Word. That means early to bed (no later than eleven) and early to rise. It'll be good. I like that plan. 

Our house hunting plan? Start looking at houses in the Edmond area (which is where we are and where our church is) or near Lake Arcadia. We have not walked into a single house for sale in this area yet, and I'm ready to. I want to see what our options are. I'm ready to get the ball rolling. 

I also think I need a plan for reading for fun. I think since it's summer I should just do it. In all my planning, I've also decided to attempt to start writing in the morning instead of in the evening to free up some more time with my hot hubby and give me more time to read for fun. Why not, huh? 

So what about you? Are you planning anything this summer? Or are you going plan-less? 

Ironically enough when I'm on vacation, I don't do a lick of planning. No schedules. No itineraries. No pre-made plans whatsoever. Just another random fact there. 

Hoping you had a great weekend. Don't forget to wear your Thunder wear tomorrow.....Thunder up! 282 of a year of writing.....

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  1. Ooooo I like the cardio plan! Accountability partner? Starting tomorrow! I also like the get in his word. Get in Gods way is what we like to say. I also have a gardening plan in mind. That is my relax time. Oh and I love to read just for fun too. Just went to a scholastic book fair and snagged a bundle of goodies for summer reading with the girls. XO


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