Summer Bible Study

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

By now you probably know how much I love, love, love Ms. Beth Moore. She has taught me so much about studying God's Word and seeking His truth through Scripture. I want to be like Beth when I grow up one day. : )

In the meantime, I'll just keep doing whatever He asks me to do. I have been wanting to start an online Bible study for a long time now, and I think this is finally the time and the place thanks to Beth's Siesta Summer Bible study.

Here's how it will work. We'll meet roughly every two weeks beginning Wednesday, June 27, online via Vokle. All you need is a computer, a webcam, and headphones. We will have a private show so that we'll be able to discuss serious issues and be open and honest with each other without anyone and everyone being able to join in. We'll start at 8:00 p.m. CST and be finished no later than 9:30 p.m. CST.

The online meetings dates will be as follows:

Wednesday, June 27th (Introduction and getting to know each other)
(In the two weeks that follow our first Session, you will do WEEKS ONE and TWO of HOMEWORK on your own and also watch VIDEOS 1 and 2 on your own.) {We will provide the videos via email to those who can commit to 3 of the 4 meeting weeks.)

Wednesday, July 11th (2nd session/discussion of weeks 1 and 2 homework)
(In the week that follows, do WEEK THREE HOMEWORK on your own and watch VIDEO SESSION 3.)

Wednesday, July 18th (3rd session/discussion of week 3 homework)
(In the three weeks that follow, do weeks four, five, and six of homework on your own and watch weeks 4, 5, an 6 video sessions.)

Wednesday, August 8th (4th session/discussion of Weeks 4, 5, and 6 homework/conclusion.)

We will study Kelly Minter’s Nehemiah:  A Heart That Can Break along with Beth Moore and the Siestas. I am so excited! I think this is going to be a great way for us to get connected and stay connected to God's Word this summer. 

Plus, many of you have asked me to do an online Bible study in the past, and I think the time is now. 

The only requirement is that you purchase the member book and commit to 3 of the 4 weeks of online meeting times. We want to grow together as a community of Christian women and consistency is key in making that happen, especially with an online community. 

To read Beth's introduction to the summer Bible study, click here

To purchase your member book from Lifeway's website {they are $12.95} click here

If this is something you think you want to be a part of, please email me your name, address, cell phone #, Facebook info, and the 3 or 4 dates you are committing to at We will limit this first group to a certain # of people (yet to be determined), so please make your decision as soon as you can as we will add people to the roster on a first come, first served basis. 

What do you think? Want to join me? I'd love to have you! 

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