Today Was Different

Thursday, February 2, 2012

There is change in the air in the Dalke household.

After my random thoughts last night, I knew for certain that something had to give.

So I started making lists.

  • Things I need help with. 
  • Things I want to be better at. 
  • Things I should probably give up. 
  • Things I should be doing regularly. 
And then I reminded myself that I'm seeking Simplicity this year. That doesn't mean I'm giving up on things or quitting things. It simply means I have to be intentional with my time and my mind. What am I thinking about? How am I spending my time? 

And there are things that are screaming at me! Like, we need a more consistent routine in our house. We've let our routine slip away and become so lax. We've got to get back there. I need to be running (maybe not to run the 1/2 this year, that may have to go), but just because I need that time of solitude to let my mind wander, to be with Christ. 

I guess if we were all really honest, we'd admit that we're all just trying to figure all this out. I don't think anyone really has it all figured out. I mean, anyone can fake it, but what kind of life is that? 

The reason all this came to a front in our life yesterday is because we were presented with the possibility of taking in two foster babies (siblings....a one year old and an almost two year old). It's still up in the air and Brian and I are most definitely seeking God on it.....asking for His word on whether or not this is what He has for us. 

But if nothing else, all this talk of going from four to six overnight has me thinking. 

There are about to be some major systems that come into play in our house. (I do it in my business, why not our house, right?) 

I've got to get my butt in gear, and now is the time. 

I read the most beautiful words today that I just have to share, because frankly, I know my words are far from beautiful lately.....they'll come back around : )

I've referred to Kelle Hampton's blog before, but today she was speaking to me, girls and boys! 
She said: 
You step out of your comfort zone and experience the thrill of taking risks and the possibility of believing that, sure, things might be good, but if you stretched a little further, they might be great. I want to know great. And I will work hard to find it.
LOVE IT! That's what I'm talking about girl!To read all of Kelle's post today, go to

Until then, I'm it only me? Or are there some things you need to let go of this year to make room for nothing more than simplicity in your life? Think about it....I bet you need to step back from something. The question is, are we brave enough to do it?

Praying you seek simplicity too... 174 of a year of writing.....

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  1. It is not only you! I am currently working on this as well in my life. Some things need to go, and a lot more needs to be added. We've also let things become to lax around our home.


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