Bragging On My Man

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How do I begin to describe him? How do I even start to explain to you what he is to me? He is so incredibly different than I am. We're really from two different worlds....two worlds that would become one.

I didn't know how he would change. I didn't know that the Lord would use him to lead me, comfort me, support me, and love me.

I don't know how I ended up with him. I sure didn't deserve him. Yes, he drives me crazy (as I equally drive him crazy I'm sure), but oh, how I love him.

I consider myself nothing more than blessed to have the kind of relationship that I do with my husband. We don't always agree, and anyone who lived with us when we were first married (three of our sisters) would probably undoubtedly tell you that they didn't think we would make it.

We are both incredibly stubborn, strong-willed, and head strong. Are those all the same things? I think so, but it's what we are for sure. And somehow it works.

He is my rock, my supporter, my leader, my sounding board.....he's my man.

I've been thinking lately about how much he puts up with. He goes with just about any idea I throw at him. This entire foster care thing was an idea I threw his way, and he never once told me I was crazy. He just went with it. We prayed about it and believed God would lead us in the right direction.

Today he took the babies to their supervised visit with their biological mom and dad. It was the first time for him to meet the dad. I am almost glad I wasn't there. Actually, I'm really glad I wasn't there.

The babies wanted to stay with Brian. They didn't want their mom or dad at first. I guess we should have known that would happen and will probably only get worse. He said it was awkward and that he felt bad. These are their babies that are choosing him over their momma and daddy.

Brian wants to build a relationship with the dad (and the mom of course). As do I. It's hard though. How do we say, "Hey, we want to be mentors to you and show you what it looks like to be good parents?" I mean that conversation does not bode well with anyone. We both know this is going to be a process. I'm blessed and honored to walk this crazy road with a man who I know only wants what's best for everyone.

He wants these babies to have the best future that they possibly can. I couldn't ask for a better man.

Just a little bragging on my man today. 193 of a year of writing.....

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