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Friday, February 17, 2012

Spoiler.....you could win something by reading this post. : )

My idea of a good time is sitting at my dining room table in a quiet house with a cup of coffee and a good book or off at a coffee shop or bookstore somewhere.

I know. I'm pretty sure that makes me a total nerd. But hey, that's my idea of fun! Lately, my favorite book to crack is the best seller of all time, the Bible.

I have to admit that it was not always my favorite thing to read. I used to find it boring and much too historical for my taste, but it's amazing how the Lord can light you on fire for something if you ask enough times.

It helps that I've been able to study with some really great Bible teachers who have made my love for God's Word even stronger. Teachers like Kelly Minter, Priscilla Shirer, Kay Arthur, and of course, Ms. Beth aka Beth Moore have all shown me how God's Word is alive and was written as a love story to us as God's children.

For a long time I didn't know what incredible resources were available for personal and group Bible studies. Did you know that you can download and watch (or listen to) Beth Moore study sessions online at http://www.lifeway.com/? You can!

If you so desire, you can work through any of Beth's studies with a workbook, a Bible, and the videos that you can download to your computer. Each session costs approximately $5 and each study ranges from 6-10 weeks each.

My women's Bible study and I just started Beth's most recent study over the book of James. It is already proving to be an incredible study!

While I would love for you to work through this same study with us or in a group of your own, I realize that that may not be a possibility. But how about this? What if you worked through it on your own and we discussed it here every week or so? I think it could be fun! What do you say?

All you need is the member book which can be found here for $14.95 and then either the audio sessions ($3.99 each) or video sessions ($4.99 each) for each of the eight weeks.

Oh, and here's some great news.....I have a couple of extra member books left over from our group to give away. How does free sound?

But I understand.....you may still be skeptical. Here's what I'm asking you to do.....Try it. Go to lifeway.com and purchase, download, and watch Session 1 of James Mercy Triumphs. 

If you like it and you think you may want to watch all eight sessions, leave a comment here (make sure you're a follower too by clicking on the blue "join this site" button on the left hand side of the screen) and I'll throw your name in the drawing for a free member book. 

What can it hurt? I think you'll like it, and who knows....maybe it contains exactly what you need to hear from God.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and only a free book to gain.

.....day 189 of a year of writing.....


  1. I love Beth!!! Good to know about lifeway.com... this is a great tool! I would love a chance to dig into another one of her studies :) Thank you for taking the time to write and inspire me daily.

  2. This is on my birthday wishlist! I'll be 30 (gulp!) next Friday and I would LOVE this one! ...but totally wish I could be in your group too :)

  3. Oh my, this would be awesome! I've downloaded an app on my iphone for a devotional and while it's not too bad, I need way more "meat and potatoes". This would be awesome. Thanks for the chance!

    And Jari - not sure if you'll ever see this - but I turn 30 this week too! On Tuesday!!

  4. I have heard GREAT things about this new book and was considering getting it myself :) I would love to start diving into the Word with Ms Beth again soon!!

  5. This is so exciting. I would LOVE to try this study!!!

  6. I would LOVE to join in with you! A continuation of what has already been put in motion.

  7. Hey Ally,
    I am currently doing "James" study as well with a ladies group in FTW! We are in week 4. This is quickly becoming one of my favs. AND I am planning on memorizing the entire book. Did you choose to do ALL 5 steps? Curious!

    Love ya,


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