Carried by Grace

Sunday, February 5, 2012

There are things that each of us are made to do. Things that the Lord knew, if we followed Him, He would lead us to. Things that we are meant to thrive in.

I'm not even going to attempt to tell you that I'm thriving right now. I am being carried by the outpouring of love and sacrifice from the body of Christ alive in our friends and family. The Holy Spirit is speaking to them, and they are responding in eerie necessity.

Everything we could possibly need is being handed to us before we even ask. And everytime we have needed physical help, someone has shown up.

There are times that I begin to slip into fear. When I really start to think about what we've done. Four babies. Addison is a huge help. She is motherly and loving and so incredibly helpful, but she's not even five yet. We definitely have four babies in our house, and when I let that sink in, it gets scary. But the instant I start to fear or become anxious about this decision we've made, this commitment we've made to these babies, it's like a blanket of grace falls over me. He is holding us so incredibly close right now. I can feel Him anytime I need Him. When I start to fear, it's like I feel Him next to me, in me, reminding me that He is God; that we can do all things through Him; that He has called us to this.

He is holding us, carrying us through every second of this journey, this adventure.

There is no doubt. There is occasional fear and anxiety, but no doubt. I can't begin to doubt the way He is laying out every piece to the puzzle. His plan is always greater than ours.

We all have things, big things, that we're called to. Usually they're scary. Usually they're beyond us. But it's exactly those things that we were made to do. That we were born to do.

I am scared of all of this at moments, but even as I type it, I can't help but smile. His grace and His covering is so so good. He won't let me doubt this. Every victory is His power in us.

Our lives are too fleeting for us to miss out on the things we were made to do, no matter how scary, or how crazy or how intimidating they may seem. Life is short my friends. All that really matters is who we love and who we help while we're here.

May you find your greatest adventure by seeking first the Kingdom of God. He has an adventure for you. I wonder if you're letting Him lead you into it, or if you're holding back.

Now listen, you who say, "Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money." Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. James 4:13-14 
“LORD, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.Remind me that my days are numbered—how fleeting my life is."  Psalm 39:4 NLT 

I got to worship to the song you see about today at church. May you find that it's the right words tonight. My favorite verse: Carried by your constant grace, held within your perfect peace, never once, did we ever walk alone. 177 of a year of writing.....

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