Life Is Moving On....

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life is beginning to feel manageable again. I wasn't entirely sure that was going to happen, but it is. I am beginning to feel like I've got this. 

It seems like it's been no time at all and then again it seems like they've always been here. It's officially been a week since they first reached for me the moment they came into our doors. I love them more everyday. We're working on balance and routine and systems. It's all smoothing itself out slowly, but surely. 

Tonight my momma's here. She gazed into their crystal clear blue eyes for the first time tonight, and of course, she is smitten, too. They are just breathtaking. You can't help but adore them. 

We're hanging out at the kitchen table while I attempt to meal plan for the coming week and dream of planning a once a month cook-a-thon to prep and freeze all our meals for a month. If I ever get that organized and it actually happens, I'm sure you'll hear all about it. But for now, it's a week at time. 

I thought I'd shoot a few random shots on my phone since you haven't had pics in over a week. Even though our family added a few more faces this week, we have not skimped on Valentine's Day preparations. I love holidays. We like to represent around here.

Check out our glitter hearts. Yep. They rock. I also bought heart garland for my kitchen, but Addison stole it away to her room where she and Grammy found the perfect spot for it. She is sooooo my child.

Here is my newest meal tracker. It's just a chalkboard calendar that I added to my "wall of organization." I pre-plan meals for the week here, so everyone (well, I guess technically just everyone who can read...which is only Brian and me) can see what's for dinner!

The "wall of organization" featuring my Master Calendar, a place for mail and keys, our meal calendar, and the newest addition to the wall......backpack and coat storage for the munchkins.

It's a necessity and it's on their level. LOVE it!

Oh, here is a little work undone. Yep, just sitting by the door. Luckily, it's only business supplies. : ) No customers went without wax during our "week of new babies."

And, I am super excited about this! In the works for month now.....our New Director Training program is almost complete! It's an eight week program that a group of directors and I put together to help other directors know how to lead successfully in their Scentsy businesses. We are hoping to launch it sometime next week!

Oh, and I stole a few shots of little man yesterday. You can see these since his face isn't in any of them.
I told you his hair was white! He's precious even from behind!

And tonight we made delicious homemade brownies. Yep. Delicious. We found a killer recipe for a Valentine's Day Brownie here.

We're not finished yet. Icing and strawberries to be added tomorrow. I guess until is moving on. 182 of a year of writing.....


  1. mine have blonde hair just like that,I love those little fingers!!! you always bring a tear to my eye!! I will tell you I should definately start a meal plan, it would be a lot less chaotic!!! Love the wall!

  2. I was told to read your blog... I have 2 daughters and we just got our first foster kids this past week. A 1 yr old and 6 day old. Both boys. Also my husband is a preacher and I'm a runner. Isn't that all crazy? I haven't been the best blogger lately but I did just post about our new kids. I'm at We should talk sometime!


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