Today It's Much Ado About You!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I told you I was going to post early today, didn't I?

Surely you didn't think that early meant before noon did you? Sorry. This is early for me. But I am ridiculously excited about today's post for a couple of reasons......

  1. I'm helping out a fellow blogger friend who is also a sister in Christ with an incredible story and my favorite product out there....seriously!  And......
  2. I'm adding to the giveaway today! Yes, you have a chance to win more than just cash! Read on my friends.
Emmy's timing is perfect as it lines up right in the middle of our time challenge. Some of us are on the search for how we really spend our time. It's been a lot of annoying and lame work, but it's also been extremely enlightening and eye opening! 

You know I am a planner and a freak about being intentional with the time we've been given. My favorite favorite tool in helping me "do it all" (besides having lots of help) is my Much Ado About You planner. 

I'm about to show you something scary. Please still be my friend......

This is my Much Ado About You planner as it sits next to me at this moment. Yes, I am this crazy. Now, if we're friends in real life, you may know that I always have my planner in my purse or my car. It hardly ever leaves my side. I sort of have a problem. 

And I long searched for the perfect planner and always came up short. Until Much Ado About You came along. You may remember my comparison of Much Ado About You and another popular planner from last year. I am still as in love with my Much Ado About You planner now as I was then. 

It is a true keeper. Emmy has perfected the look of the weekly feel with ample space for hourly planning by the day. This is honestly the planner that I have kept longer than any other planner, ever! It keeps me sane, people! 

So, here's the problem! Emmy at Much Ado About You may possibly have to close her shop. (Do not this happen! I will be so very lost!) But we can help, and here's how:

Much Ado About You is hosting a Pre-Sale for their new planners. Here is an excerpt from Emmy's blog with details about how everything will work. 


Go to our *NEW* Shop and select the item{s} you would like to pre-order.

The items are listed by DATE RANGE, and then by STYLE {i.e. Day Planner, Appointment Book, etc.}.

The price on each listing is the price for the smallest size available in that style.
There will be a drop down menu at the bottom of each listing that will allow you to choose another size and will adjust the price accordingly.    

If you would like to order more than one of the same item, you can adjust the quantity in the shopping cart.

Our standard Add-Ons are also available during the Pre-Sale, so if you know you want to Add-On a Pen Loop, for example, be sure to order it now if you don't want to have to pay extra shipping later.

When you are ready to checkout, you will be redirected to PayPal, where you can pay by credit or debit card even if you do not have a PayPal account.
When your PayPal transaction is completed you will be redirected back to an order confirmation page in our shop.

All August 2012 - July 2013 Planners will ship in June, with the exception of the Teacher/Student Planners which will ship in May so that you can have them in time for end-of-the-school year gifts.
All January - December 2013 Planners will ship in September. 


If you live locally and you would like to pick-up your order when it is ready, you can use the discount code LOCALSHIP at checkout to eliminate your shipping charges.

Within seven business days you will receive an email {sent to the email address you used in PayPal, so please be sure to use an email that you check often} which will confirm your order and give you detailed instructions about how and when you will get to choose your cover design and tell us your personalization request, and when your order{s} will ship.
Rather than having to come back to our shop when the cover designs are available and make a second purchase with a coupon code to complete your order, we will email you on your selected day {according to the day of the Pre-Sale that you ordered... see below}.  

As before, the sooner you make your purchase, the better, and here's why:
     All customers who purchase on the first day of the Pre-Sale {Feb 29th} will get to select their cover design five days before the line is introduced to the public.
      All customers who purchase on the second day of the Pre-Sale {Mar 1st} will get to select their cover design four days before the line is introduced to the public... and so on. 

Gift Certificates will be available during the Pre-Sale at 15% off!

So...$25 Gift Certificates for $21.25
$50 Gift Certificates for $42.50
$75 Gift Certificates for $63.75
$100 Gift Certificates for $85.00

If you purchase a Gift Certificate during the Pre-Sale, a printable Gift Certificate will be emailed to you along with your order confirmation that will include instructions for the bearer to redeem the certificate after the shop opens in May 2012.

So, here is what I need you to do.....pre-order a planner, pleaseClick here to order now.

I am also going to give one planner away.

Here is how you win:
Post below about whether or not you currently use a planner. If you don't use one, tell us how using a planner would make you more intentional with your time. If you do use one, tell us how it helps you be more intentional with your time.

(P.S. If you are planning on buying one, go ahead and do it! I will refund the cost of the planner if you win. You don't want to wait around. You want to order today!)

Happy Shopping! Shop here....hurry....don't wait! 201 of a year of writing.....


  1. Much Ado IS by far the VERY best planner out there!!! Thank you Allison for introducing me to it! I would be more than lost without it! I always have it with me and whatever is written on the perfect pages is what will happen in my crazy little life. I have tried every type and brand and I always end up changing within a month or 2 but this fabulous little assistant has been with me since Oct! Going to place my pre-order now :)

  2. I have seen the one my upline leader Jami uses and I have been wanting one really bad. Need to check out pricing but I'll see if I can go ahead and order it noe.

  3. I do not have a planner but want one of these due to your analysis last year. I got bogged down with family and holiday stuff and missed the one I liked and then missed out before season closed. A day late and a dollar short as usual lol. Will preorder as soon as I can

  4. I have not used a planner but I do put a lot in my phone calender. My husband and I have talking about writing things to get more organized. I believe that would be a good way to get started and take off!

  5. I have had lots of planners but don't seem to use them. I used to have a great one that I kept with me all the time and I loved it. I had everything in it and it was the perfect size. Someone stole it and I haven't found one I liked like that one. I have tried many from the same maker and it's not the same. I used that planner for like 4 years. Hoping to find another one that fits in my purse/car etc. that I can take with me that has everything I need. I loved looking back over the year to see what I had done and who I did it with. It was a great reminder of both the good times and the sad times.

  6. I dont currently use a planner but have been looking for the perfect one. I have several but they just don't cut it! I have been looking at these since your last post, but think I will take the dive in now......I am such a scatter brain and I have got to get control of it! My husband tells me I have to make a list every night and even at that I still cant remember what all should be on that list...LOL

  7. Ok I pre-ordered the medium size with pen loop. Hope that helps her.

  8. Yipee, anxious to try it out, just placed an order!

  9. I don't use a planner anymore, but need one that I can carry with me at all times. I'm tired of forgetting about appts and even just forgetting to make a phone call that I plan to make at a certain time. I'm going to head on over there and pre-order one.

  10. YAY!!! I'm so excited for Emmy and this pre-sale! Getting ready to order mine now! This will be my 4th Much Ado About You planner!!! :)

  11. Allison, I would dearly LOVE to be as organized as your picture shows. lol Unfortunately, I am a right-brained circle/squiggle type, and can never seem to really make it work. I have a planner right now, but I don't actually use it. I've tried all kind of planners with every intent on making them work, but none of them seem to work for what I need. I love the Much Ado About You planners, and I think they might be just what I need to organize my Scentsy business/crazy life. lol Thank you for the awesome opportunity! :)

  12. I have a planner, but i do not love it. I need one that is better. I have seen yours and I love it. What size is yours?
    I think if I had a better one, I could keep organized better and make better use of my time. I use my phone calender more than I use my paper planner, because my one I have is just ok! :)

  13. I have 2 planners - one for the 9-5 job and one for Scentsy. Sadly I also have 2 calendars - one at work and 1 at home. Can we say ineffective? I miss the planner I used in college where I could lay out everything I was doing from getting out of bed to going back to it. Much Ado may be the planner for me. I will certainly look into it. Like now. ;)

  14. Just placed my pre-order, and am so excited. I hope this helps keep this small business going. I am looking forward to becoming more organized so that I can focus on the things that are truly important in life!!

  15. I have a paper planner, and don't currently use it. Perhaps it's the layout, I don't know, but ... wait... I'm lying. I use it every single day. I use it to keep track of my miles walking. In thinking in normal "agenda" terms, I don't use a planner - but I do each day. For appointments & whatnot, I use my phone. I am tremendously afraid that one day if my phone gets wet (or something) that I'd be lost without it. So, maybe I should use a paper planner. Sheesh... I'm so unintentionally unintentional with my time.

  16. I love the idea of having a planner, but i haven't found one that I LOVE, so I'm gonna give this one a try. Thanks Ally!!!

  17. I don't use a planner. Although, I do have a few and have owned I don't know how many. They never work out well for me. I am willing to give a GREAT one a try. As a single mother of two, trying to juggle work, school (full-time)and my Scentsy business its now wonder I forget everything that isn't written down (because it isn't written down). I would like to get organized and feel like I don't have to rush because I have "planned" most things. I hope this one helps!

  18. I'm so adoring these planners ever since you first posted about them. Their cuteness could totally make my organizing life ten times better! I do use planners. I have a few paper planners that I use and enjoy but there aren't all the bells and whistles that Much Ado's have. I'm also in love with Cozi. I use it mainly for my Scentsy business because it is easy to type in training seminars, calls, parties, ect when I see them in my email or something is discussed via facebook. I love that the app on my phone keeps me connected with all of my Cozi plans. And, I've even downloaded the Cozi ticker thing to my desktop so I can always see what's going on that day at a glance. Thanks so much for the chance!

  19. I have a planner and I love it! I am able to keep at least my homework and school activities straight in it. For the business area I just use my phone to keep them separate since I only have the one. I am really needing one for just my business and one for just my school work! I am definitely going to look into the Much Ado About You planners!

  20. I have a planner that I use for my, birthdays, work, Scentsy, etc...
    I would love to get a planner you love; I bet I would love it, too!

  21. I have the Much Ado about You planner and I love it! I have even bought them for gifts. I LOVE the events add-on! My mother in law will NEVER miss another birthday! I have the large one and am thinking I would like the midsize one. I received their postcard in the mail so I will be ordering me one ASAP!

  22. I could so use a planner! I have a pile of post-its floating around my purse!! Once in a while I will take them out and get rid of the things I have accomplished but organization is another thing that I am trying to work on!! As my business keeps growing I am finding the need for it! My "pile" system just isn't working for me anymore! and although having things written on my big calendar for my family to see is nice I should also have one in my purse!!

  23. Ahhh, your doing a special again, and I still don't have the funds. I'm been impatiently waiting to try their planner, but it just hasn't happened yet. I do use a small planner, but think that these would work amazingly well.


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