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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

When Tamara asked what the top priority was today and if we should take down the Christmas decorations, my first and immediate reaction was, NO!

Of course not.

It's not over yet.

We still have New Year's, and I love looking at the twinkly lights and the fullness of it all.

Not yet.

It's still Christmas. And I'm on vacation. (As well as I know how to be.)

I am doing a pretty good job. I did finally (just now) pull out a notepad to make a list of a few things that need to get done tomorrow. I'm still "in the woods," so I'm not doing much, but there are a few things that need to be tended to. Life moves on.

But, I'm feeling myself start to relax. I feel like I have a week of Sundays in front of me, and I like that a lot.

I spent the morning cleaning up the chaos from Christmas. My house finally feels normal again thanks to Tamara. She's a dear, dear friend who also comes to clean once a week.

Then we headed out to look for new bedding for our new bedroom furniture. Which, I know you need pictures of still. Sorry! My room just hasn't been clean in a while.

Addison and I headed out to buy new shoes for her and her brother and then to the craft store where she picked up a few essential craft items for the week while I stocked up on a massive amount of wall frames.

I have a huge blank wall in my bedroom that needs to be filled up quickly. I have tons of pictures I want to frame, so today I took advantage of a sale to make that happen.

That blank wall along with my mind being a little clearer these past couple of days has made me start to think of things that I hadn't really thought of before.

Here's what I'm thinking about:

  • I'm thinking about becoming a BlogHer member. A while ago (six months or so) I inquired about becoming a BlogHer blogger which means if approved, my blog would sponsor ads appropriate for my readers and I would make a slight profit. I went though all the steps except the final one to actually make it happen, and I was approved! Lately I'm wondering if I should be more serious about this blogging thing and go through with the BlogHer bit. I just have never really felt God leading me that way. What we have now is more natural. I dunno. It's in my head though. 
  • I'm thinking I want to learn more about photography. Not to take pictures of anyone else, but just to have really great pics of my kiddos as they grow up. I've got my eye on a Canon 50d after doing a little research. They are pricy, so I need to decide if I really want to learn or not before I make the investment. 

  • I'm thinking I need to decide soon if I'm getting a new computer before the new year (for tax purposes) or if I'm going to look into getting a bigger hard drive on my computer. I have to do something. The Macbook I bought 3 years ago still works perfectly, but there isn't an inch of space left on it. I have an external hard drive, but I hate lugging it around and I have a hard time deleting things off my drive (especially pictures!) even though I know I have them stored in multiple places. 
  • I'm thinking I'm ready to be finished with The Hunger Games books so I can get on with my life. I'm in the middle of the third book and need to finish so I can stop obsessing with finishing. 
  • I'm thinking I have to get back on the road (running that is) and soon! It's been too long, and I miss it. Plus, my dad bought me some killer new trail running shoes for Christmas that I can't wait to try out. I miss the clarity of it, the quiet, the view. 
  • I'm thinking I'm ready for a new blog design. Do you know anyone? I can't do it myself. Not only do I not want to, but I don't know how. I need some help. I'm thinking I'm looking into that this week. 
  • I'm thinking it's bedtime. You? : )
Loving my time in the woods where it's still Christmas for a little bit longer. Hope you're enjoying the week after Christmas too. 138 of a year of writing.....


  1. You are so sweet. I love reading your daily blogs... You have inspired me to start blogging again. not quite daily yet... :)
    you should inquire with my friend Leigh Ann for blog design! She is so good!

  2. Yes please reach out to my dear friend Dana Williams she rocks;) can you be friend her on FB!! Go to my friends on FB you'll find her!

  3. Hello Allison! James Dalman knows how, he does web design and such. I would ask him. :)


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