It's a Christmas Time Sunday!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Talk about a busy time of year. I can't believe that December is almost halfway over, but it is!

With my commitment to being "Present" this Christmas, I am more committed than ever to being intentional with my time.

I have come to the realization that you can't help other people if you can't finish all that you have on your to-do list. Therefore, planning is essential if you want to be the "hands and feet of Christ." Now, don't get me wrong, there are times that the Lord will pluck you right out of your little "schedule" to do something greater than you could imagine, and He will do those things. But, I think we have to prove faithful. We have to prove that we are committed to our values and the things we hold important in our hearts and minds.

That's why I love the Sunday 7. I do think this is the perfect time to clear a few things up about the Sunday 7.

Someone at Bible study asked me the other day if I really accomplish everything on my Sunday 7 list.....the answer.....hardly ever!

Now, you could call that failure, but here's the thing. Your goal with the Sunday 7 should be to put the most important things in your life at the front of your mind. By naming the things that matter and setting a goal in that area of your life, you are giving it value. It puts things like emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the car to the back of your mind. Those are important and necessary things, but they should not be the things you worry about.

When you have the important things on the list first, all the little things begin to fall into place. So, please don't feel like a failure when at the end of the week you haven't done every single thing you said you would do.

So, let's do it.....what are you doing next week? Or a better question would be, what are you placing value on this week? What are you going to make importantRemember, the way we spend our time, signifies what we value in our lives. 


 If you're new to the Sunday 7, I suggest you start here.

The Sunday 7:
  1. Faith: Start everyday in God's Word. I actually did this last week, and He is oh so faithful and good! The week probably would have been much rougher had I not started everyday in the living Word of God. I will not fall away from that this week. It's far too important. 
  2. Family: Yeah for this weekend! My family and I are headed to the Gaylord Texan in Dallas. I am so excited to spend three days doing nothing but loving on my kiddos and my hubby. We are going to have a blast. We're all excited about the time away. 
  3. Holiday Prep: I don't know if it's weird or normal that holiday prep is on my list, but I think it's helping me be more "present" this year. My goal this week: FINISH my Christmas shopping! Yep. I am getting close, and I want to be DONE after this week. Then we can wrap and bake and listen to Christmas music until the end of the year! 
  4. Scentsy (aka work): This is our busiest time of year. Customers are calling nonstop to place orders and stop by to see what we have in stock. We have new directors who just promoted, and we're in the middle of planning and forecasting for next year. This week the most important thing to get crossed off the list when it comes to work is to update all my directors (and recognize them for how awesome they are!) and get our large trainings in the books for next year. 
  5. Health and Fitness: Make dinner 3x this week. Run 2x this week. Go to bed by 11:00 every night this week! 
  6. Finances: Oh, the dreaded finances! I have to budget both our personal and business budget for the rest of the year on Monday; balance both accounts; and pay all the bills. And I have to pay the IRS (who knew?!) and finish our financials for November. {Sometimes owning your own business is no fun.}
  7. Foster Care Prep: Finish the room. It's almost done! We now have furniture, so we're moving right along. Still just waiting on our fingerprints. Waiting and waiting. 
  8. Downtime: Since Lush is coming to Penn Square mall (this week!) I think it's only appropriate that my downtime includes at least one really great bubble bath this week along with a little reading for fun. : )
                              It's your turn! 121 of a year of writing.....

Oh, and you should definitely indulge in this while you plan.

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