She's Making a List and Checking It Twice

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My eyes are heavy and it's only 8:45 p.m.. And although we had a wonderful time at the Gaylord Texan this weekend, and I slept in the car for a bit, I am pooped (pictures to come tomorrow). This is about what I feel like.

I am so looking forward to this coming week...well, in all actuality, I'm looking forward to Wednesday on. Monday and Tuesday are busy, and although I function well in busy, I am looking forward to being completely the opposite of busy. I just want to hang out and do whatever comes our way.

But, with Christmas a week away, I still have things to check off the list.

That means there is still work to be done, and luckily lots of it is fun work, if you know what I mean.

Shopping, wrapping, baking, hosting (again), traveling, celebrating with family, and waiting for Santa.

I love this week, and I'm ready for the fun of it to start.

This week instead of the usual installment of The Sunday 7, I'm just making a list. Sometimes there is nothing better than a good list, if you know what I mean.

So here goes.....if you're feeling like you too could use a master list this week, feel free to post it below. We'd love to know what you're doing this week, too.

  1. Make a master grocery list (complete with all the ingredients needed for all the goodies we are taking to all the great parties we have this week).
  2. Grocery shop! 
  3. Finish all Christmas shopping (both for our family and for the Hope Link families). If you'd like to help with Hope Link, there is still time to give. Click here for more information about how you can help.
  4. Start wrapping presents. (I haven't wrapped a single one yet!)
  5. Life Church.TV staff Christmas party Monday night....should be fun!  
  1. Host our women's Bible study here
  2. Attend Luke's Christmas program 10:00 am
  3. Make Taco Soup for our Switch leader Christmas party
  4. Clean house and keep wrapping presents
  5. Host Switch leader Christmas party
  1. It's my birthday! : )
  2. Bake away with my kiddos
  3. Finish wrapping presents 
  4. Start packing for a trip to my mom's
  5. Deliver Hope Link gifts 
  6. Dinner with the hubby
  1. Finish packing
  2. Sort all the presents 
  3. Clean out the car
  4. Head to Lawton with the kiddos to hang with my momma
  1. No plans and no list! 
  2. Can you believe it?! 
  3. Yeah for Christmas break! 
  4. Friday night we'll celebrate Christmas with my aunt, uncle and cousins
Saturday (Christmas Eve):
  1. Celebrate Christmas in the morning with my Mom, Guy, sister and Kris
  2. Head over to Nana and Papa Erwin's to celebrate Christmas around 1:00
  3. Head to my cousin Staci's house to celebrate Christmas with my dad, aunt, uncle, cousins, and nana. 
  4. Then drive home so Santa can come to our house! 
Sunday (Christmas day):
  1. Wake up to Santa's presents
  2. Read the story of Jesus' birth 
  3. Make a birthday cake for Jesus and have a party! 
  4. Hang out 
  5. Head to Kristi and Jason's house to celebrate Christmas with the Dalkes that evening
Oh, how I love Christmas : )

Other fun things I plan on doing this week:
  • read lots of books to my kiddos 
  • snuggle
  • watch Christmas movies
  • listen to Christmas music
  • give
  • love 
  • worship
  • pray
  • read
  • serve others
  • praise God for the best gift of all (as Addison would say), His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ
May your Christmas week be full. 128 of a year of writing.....

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