Christmas Traditions Part 1

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I asked and you answered. And I will say that your answers were too good not to share. This post is complied from a few facebook questions about Christmas Traditions and is post 1 of 2. (There were too many great ideas for just 1 post.)

This is a master list of tons of great Christmas traditions. They're not in any particular order. Thanks to everyone who shared. Enjoy!

Breakfast Casserole
I always make a breakfast casserole (or two or three) on christmas eve and put it in the over as soon as we get up on christmas morning. Then it's ready to eat after we open gifts :)

Reindeer Food
We always put out reindeer food on christmas eve and go out to see if any of santa's reindeer lost any of their bells in our yard. We usually get lucky and find a bell near the spot where we put out the reindeer food :)

We also mix oatmeal & glitter & sprinkle it in the front yard so the reindeer can find our house :-)

Birthday Cake for Jesus
We always have Birthday cake after the breakfast casseroles and we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus ♥

Birthday cake for breakfast on Christmas morning. Happy Birthday, Jesus!
And feeding the reindeer the night before :)

Carrots for Santa's Reindeer
We always buy the real carrots with the green attached for the reindeer and a few times the reindeer have dropped the carrots (eatten of course - just the tops remain). Santa has dropped small presents in the yard and in the fireplace. One year my son swore he saw a footprint in the ashes. 

Christmas Cookies
We have a Saturday where we all get together and make cookies and then we deliver them to friends in town. Christmas Eve we have Chili and enjoy time together. 

Letter to Santa w cookies and he always writes back (using his left hand). Those english poppers make a fun place setting for gifts. We decorate sugar cookies on Christmas Eve morning before church and dinner.

Sharing Bread
We also share bread we got this tradition from a foreign exchange student. Each person has a piece of bread (simlar to communion) then you stand in a circle and you tell the person closest to you how they make you feel. That you are so happy they are in your life, thank them for what they have done for you this year etc. Then you give them a kiss on each cheek and then a hug. You then go around the room and do this with everyone. We give each other a Christmas Card, and we love to go to Midnight Mass. Christmas morning we open gifts and have Cinnamon Rolls then play with toys and then have a wonderful family dinner.

Santa's Footprints
When my daughter was younger I would put some baby powder on a bottom of a pair of shoes and make footprints from the front door to the tree! When she woke up Christmas morning and saw them she was always amazed! :)

Christmas Jammies
My girls have matching (or coordinating) Christmas pj's that they wear. We all make cookies for Santa and read Christmas books together.

We always open one gift of pjs on Christmas eve and take pics in front of the tree. Then we sprinkle reindeer food and put cookies, coffee, and milk out because Santa has a long trip. ;) Review our lists and letter to Santa, then we watch Christmas cartoons til and Santa track updates til they're asleep. Simple but fun!

On Christmas Eve the kids and I put on our new christmas jammies (we get a SPECIAL pair every year).

Our whole family from cousins, aunts, uncles, grandkids etc wears their new Christmas PJ's over to Nana's each year, where we all open gifts for the second time :-) and have breakfast casserole, donuts juice& coffee. It would be tragic if the tradition was ever altered in any way :-)

Stay tuned for more Christmas traditions tomorrow.... 130 of a year of writing.....

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  1. These are GREAT! I love that we are taking some traditions from my family and some from my husband and then creating our own traditions as well. Life can be so fun. :)


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