The Sunday 7: A Christmas Edition

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Even though it's late and I wish I were in bed, I've got a smile on my face and spring in my step. This weekend has been more than fruitful around the Dalke house. I've already mentioned many of the projects that took place on Friday and Saturday, but today was no exception.

Today after church, my mom and I came home to tackle even more projects around the house. The upstairs linen closets got cleaned out, the laundry is almost completely done for the week, Luke's big boy bed got put together (thanks to my handsome and talented hubby), my dining room table almost got cleaned off, and the walls in Addison's room got a re-do. And I have lots of bags and boxes to donate! Yeah! I even managed to have a short tea party with Addy and Luke in the midst of all of it.

I am felling pretty energized and accomplished. Now, of course there is still more to do. (There is probably always more to do when you're me.)

So now, even in the late hours of the evening, is the perfect time to plan out the week ahead. You know how I like to plan!

It's time for the Sunday 7. If you need a little re-cap on what the Sunday 7 is, check out this post: "When the word 'shower' gets added to your to-do list".

You know I want to know what you're doing this week. Here's a little of what I have planned. (Oh, how I feel better just sitting down to plan it!)

  1. Faith: Start every morning in God's Word. To go along with that, I'm reinforcing my 11:00 p.m. bedtime (except for tonight) so that I can wake up before the kids do to get my day started.  
  2. Family: Spending time with my kiddos is at the top of my list right now since there is always the thought of adding one more in the back of my head. I'm going to be intentional about our time together this week. Monday Luke and I are going to play at Bouncin' Craze and have lunch together. It'll be a fun date. He's a handsome little guy. Addy and I are going to head to Unpluggits to paint Christmas ornaments and platters to our heart's content. So much fun! Then my mom, Addy, and I are going to the Nutcracker on Sunday. 
  3. Relationships:  This week I'm going to focus in on the people that God puts on my heart. I'm often so occupied with my own agenda, that I don't listen to the Holy Spirit's pull on my heart when I need to reach out to others. I'm going to be intentional about obeying when it comes to relationships this month. 
  4. Christmas Prep: Well, I have about a million service projects on my plate (at least that's what it feels like), and there is a lot of planning that needs to happen this week in order to get ready for our silent auction and to evaluate what gifts we have for the Hope Link families we sponsor.  We need to figure out what we still need (more on that soon, I promise!). I also have to evaluate my Christmas shopping list. I did really great at the beginning of last week and checked a lot off the list, but there is still a lot more that needs to be done and I refuse to wait until the last minute. 
  5. Scentsy (aka work): We have new leaders again in our organization, so this week will be focused on training and recognition. I've got a long list, but I won't bore you. 
  6. Health and Fitness: Honestly, I'm not working out a lot lately. But I am eating really well and have lost 10 lbs, which I'm pumped about, all thanks to Weight Watchers. I do want to run this week though. If it happens once, I'm counting that as a success. I put it in my planner. I can do it!
  7. Finances: The all so anticipated and enjoyable weekly budgeting of accounts has to happen tomorrow and I need to pay bills this week.  
  8. Foster Care Prep: I'm buying baby furniture this week! I am so excited. Now all that's left to do is pray that our fingerprints come back soon! 
  9. Downtime: Reading. Yep! I want to read for fun this week. Every night before I go to bed (at 11:00 since I have a bedtime this week). I am also planning on one nice relaxing bath. I'm not hard to please. 

So what are you doing this week?

Wondering why this is the Christmas edition of The Sunday 7?
You have to check out this video that my church produced. Makes me cry every time. It's a great reminder of why making the most out of our daily schedule really does matter. We can live in peace when we find time to place Him first in our day, first in our life, and first in our hearts.

May you be blessed. 114 of a year of writing.....

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